business phone and internet servicesLast week I listed 10 methods a business could employ to save money on its phone and internet services.  This week I’m going to detail the potential savings.  

Eliminating Wire Maintenance, Phone Features, Adding Feature Packages and Re-Pricing Phone Lines: Let’s say a small business has five business lines from the phone company and a separate cable internet connection, and they were paying $5 for Wire Maintenance, $3.50 for Call Waiting (on four of their lines) and $5 for Caller ID.  If they eliminated the Wire Maintenance, Call Waiting, and the charge for Caller ID and were able to reduce the cost of their phone lines by $5 per line by subscribing to discounted phone line package (that included the Caller ID) – they could save $17.80 per line, per month, or $89.

Bundling Services, Consolidating Billing and Eliminating Frill Services: The same small business could save another $35 per month by replacing their deluxe cable internet package with a no frills internet connection added to their existing phone service ($10 to bundle, $10 for more basic internet service and $15 in bill processing).

Reducing Long Distance Minute Bundles: The company could save an additional $30 per month by reducing their prepaid long distance bundle to 1000 from 2000 minutes.

During their analysis, this company was able to spot and eliminate a $10 third party billing charge that they had been mistakenly paying.

If all that happened, this small company could reduce their phone and internet costs by $164 per month, or $1968 per year.  Not bad, right?  Let’s say it was a larger, multi location company with 100 locations, all with the same setup.  Then the savings could be 100 times greater.

Larger companies are more careful and what I described above probably wouldn’t happen.  However, typically, businesses grow slowly, one office at a time, over a period of years.  Administers don’t look twice at a $3.50 charge for Call Forwarding.  They don’t see the bigger picture and simply process bills.  Costs grow exponentially; no one charge sticks out but they mount up.  Next thing you know, your company is paying thousands of dollars more than they should be for their telecommunication services.

If you think your company might be in similar situation, contact CarrierBid today and let one of our professionals conduct a complementary, no obligation bill audit.  We don’t charge a fee for this service or ask for a share of your savings.  If the best solution is with another provider, CarrierBid can manage that transition for you.

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