business faxingPurchase less ink.  Fax and printer ink is so expensive you’d think they made it on the moon.   Why not eliminate a main user of ink, your fax machine?

No more fax solicitations – Ever go to the fax looking for an important document only to find five different faxes offering cruise deals?  They’re a waste of ink and paper.  After asking yourself, “Who falls for this crap?” you head back to your desk.

No more disappearing faxes – A client informs you that he just faxed over a signed agreement but when you go to retrieve said fax, it’s not there.  You call your client back and verify that he has the correct fax number.  He does.  You have to ask your customer to resend the fax.  What happened to the first fax?  Somebody grabbed his or her fax and yours as well and then never bothered to return it.

More privacy – Imagine if all company emails went to a central location and then you went there to retrieve them?  Do you really want your coworkers knowing your business?

Purchase less paper – We were all happy when fax paper started to look like printer paper but there was a corresponding increase in cost.  It’s one thing to use paper when it’s an important document; it’s another when it’s a fax promoting a local charity’s casino night.

One less phone line – When you add in all the taxes and surcharges, the cost of a business phone line can approach $50 a month.  Also, phone lines from local phone companies, like Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink, attract third party billing charges.  If you don’t monitor your bills each month, you might end up paying for some service you don’t want and never ordered.  If you’re worried about changing your phone number, you don’t have to.

No busy signals – a fax machine can only receive one fax at a time.  To receive more than one at a time requires more phone lines, which means more cost.  eFax services can receive countless faxes, all at once.  Your customers won’t have to fax and refax to send you their documents.

Less scanning – What’s probably the number one activity after a fax is received?  It has to be scanning.  That’s because it’s easier to manage documents in a computer than a filing cabinet.  Save yourself the extra step.  If you need a hard copy of a document, you can always print it.

Save a tree – It’s fall, when trees can get a bad rap for dumping their leaves.  Try to like a tree after an hour of leaf raking.  Even so, we’re better off having them around.  There’s nothing more wasteful than scanning and tossing a fax.

Save on equipment costs – it’s one thing if you already own a fax, it’s another to purchase a new machine.  Purchasing a fax machine is almost as bad as purchasing a typewriter.  All equipment requires maintenance as some point.  Less equipment requires less maintenance – helping you to reduce your costs.

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