business phone and internet It’s the holiday season and your friends at CarrierBid are always looking for methods to help businesses save money on their phone and internet services. The following is a list of twelve ways to save:

  1. Optimize Your Wireless – It doesn’t matter if your company is under contract, you can still reduce the size of your wireless bill. Wireless optimization and cost reduction is a risk free proposition. Unless certain savings thresholds are met, you don’t pay anything.
  1. Consider replacing your hosted phone system with a premise based system – Hosted phone systems have one thing in common, you never stop paying for them. They’re considered a “sticky product” because removing a system requires retraining and some upfront costs. But a premise-based system can be paid for overtime and at the end of your term, that expense goes away. It’s typically cheaper to purchase a system and pay for your business phone service separately. After the system is paid for, the savings is significant.
  1. If you have more than ten phone lines, consider a PRI – Ten business phone lines will cost north of $300 per month. That’s just about what a PRI, offering 13 additional call paths and greater phone number flexibility, would go for.
  1. Do you need unlimited long distance? – With email and wireless phones, businesses have reduced the amount of long distance they place but continue to pay a premium for unlimited long distance phone lines. Long distance has come way down in price – rates average around 2.5 cents per minute. Don’t pay ten dollars per line, per month for something your business doesn’t need.
  1. Ditch your fax machine – Why spend 30 to $40 per month for a phone line and all the costs associated with owning and operating outdated technology? Scanning, emailing and eFax services are smart alternatives to faxing.
  1. Don’t pay the phone company for functionality you’re receiving from your phone system. Review your phone bill to determine if your business is paying for functionality that it’s already receiving from its business phone system. If you’re not sure about a feature, contact your phone vendor.
  1. Don’t let the phone company scare you – When you order business phone lines from your local cable or phone company, their sales reps always pitch the company’s wire maintenance service. If you balk, the phone or cable company rep will explain how if anything goes wrong and the problem is on your side of the network interface, you’ll be charged for a tech visit. First, the wiring on your side of the interface, there’s almost never a problem. And if you have a phone system, you might already be paying for a service plan. Even if you aren’t, your phone vendor’s rates will almost always be less expensive than what the phone or cable companies would charge to dispatch a technician.
  1. Remove calling plans – Thanks for Voice over IP, long distance is dirt-cheap. There’s no reason to pay a monthly fee to buy down your long distance rate. Calling plans are outdated and unnecessary.
  1. Review your bills every month – Extra charges have a funny way of ending up on your business phone bill and the phone company will only go back so far if you spot an erroneous charge and request a credit.
  1. Shop – Rates have dropped considerably in the past five years. If you haven’t shopped your company’s phone and internet services in the last two or three years, you’re paying too much.
  1. Don’t limit your business to the local phone and cable companies. – If your business is utilizing business phone lines and broadband, that’s one thing. If it requires more sophisticated services, there are probably a number of other excellent options available.
  1. Work with a telecom agent – telecom agents can take the pain out of shopping for business phone and internet services. They’ll do the bulk of the work and save you money. Best of all, most agents don’t charge a fee for their service.

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