shoretel-560-slvrAuto Attendant – Simply put, an Auto Attendant replaces a live operator and routes incoming calls.  An Auto Attendant answers all incoming calls and allows callers to dial by extension or name, or offers a menu of options.  If a caller gets confused or doesn’t hear the option he is looking for, he can use the Route to Operator option (usually pressing zero) to reach a live person.  Without an Auto Attendant, a small business owner would have to pay a receptionist to answer his phones or interrupt his work and answer them himself.

CRM Integration  – Allows a business to integrate their CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) with their phone system.  With this functionality, customer account information can pop up on the receiving party’s computer screen when a customer call comes in.  This is made possible with Caller ID technology.  The receiving party can quickly familiarize his or herself with the customer, improving customer experience.  Also, sales and customer service representatives can dial their desk phone with a click of a mouse.  Calls are automatically logged into the business’s CRM.  Typically this feature comes with a call recording option that automates the recording of all incoming and outgoing calls and then those recordings are stored with the customer’s account information.  Recordings can be used for training and legal purposes.

Four Digit Dialing – Phone systems create local and wide area voice networks.  This allows a business to share phone lines, so they could cut back on the number of phone lines required and the related expense.  Employees can reach fellow employees by dialing a four-digit extension, even if they are calling out of the area or to another state.  Businesses can reduce their long distance because intra company calling travels over their internal network, not a telephone company’s (AT&T, Verizon or CenturyLink).

Unified Communications – Unified Communications provides a unified user interface for all forms of communication, including voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, data sharing and presence.  One employee can determine if another employee is available by phone.  If not, they can send an instant message and communicate that way.  Employees can share screens with fellow employees and clients.

If your company doesn’t have access to this type of functionality, call or message CarrierBid today.  CarrierBid offers a wide array of premise based and hosted phone system solutions.  We’re experienced in the phone systems and the services they connect to.  Utilizing CarrierBid simplifies the order process and assures that your installation will go smoothly.

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