business phone & internetA lot of things seem one way when you first hear about them but then turn out to be completely different. Yeah something might seem like a good idea but… there’s usually a catch. Many people have to learn this the hard way. They try to save but it ends up costing them or they don’t plan ahead and it jeopardizes their businesses.

The following is a list of 4 telecom industry “yeah, buts…”

You need the service ASAP. Yeah, but… nothing happens quickly in telecom. In fact, the sooner you need service, the more likely its installation will be delayed (making a promise for early service delivery in telecom is equivalent to discussing a no hitter while it’s being pitched). services, from carriers like AT&T, Verizon, Lumen and others, typically require a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks to install and that’s if everything occurs right on schedule. Cable companies, like Cox, Comcast and Spectrum, can be faster but in some instances might take a week just to determine if an address is serviceable. Expect delays and be thankful if they don’t occur.

You can buy cheap, used phone equipment online. Yeah, but… good luck finding someone reputable to install or maintain it. There’s a reason one-dollar buyout leases exist; used technology loses its value faster than automobiles. Phone vendors have better things to do with their time than making a few hundred dollars to install phone equipment they’re not sure about. And any company that’s willing to purchase used equipment probably doesn’t want to pay a fair price for its installation or maintenance.

Your incumbent provider is offering you a discount to renew your business phone and internet service contract. Yeah, but… you’ll always do better shopping your services in the open market. Even if you stay with your current provider, you’ll secure better pricing if you don’t accept their first offer and shop around. The process will allow you to test other providers and obtain their contact and pricing information, in the event something should change with your current provider.

You decide to go with a no-name, cheap provider. Yeah, but… if that provider is telling you that their service will work fine or they’ll be able to deliver Quality of Service, the voice quality standard for Voice over IP, don’t believe them. Most likely the call quality won’t be excellent and there may not be a way to fix the issue. The cheap provider may not have high redundancy built into their network which may cause long service outages for your business. It just isn’t worth the “savings” in the long run.  Go with a reputable provider with a low cost.

Working through CarrierBid telecom and data network consulting to procure business phone, internet and WAN services helps prevent the “yeah buts…” We can help your business save time and money and find the best telecom solution for your business and your budget. If you would like to receive more information or schedule an appointment, contact CarrierBid today or complete the form on the bottom of this page.

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