Large businesses are unique when it comes to telecommunications. They require different telecom procurement and management solutions and strategies. A technique that might produce a meager amount of savings for a smaller business, could produce substantial savings for a large, multi-location business.

Here are four ways a large business could reduce its telecom costs:

Consolidate Business Phone Line Billing: Larger businesses, with multiple locations, typically have more than one company providing them with their local phone service, specifically their business phone lines. If a business has locations in different regions of the country, it typically receives service from multiple phone companies. That can become cumbersome and confusing. It can also create costs that aren’t easily identifiable. Those include, the cost of administering phone bill payments, the possibility of third party charges appearing on individual phone bills and the cost of forgotten and unused phone lines. By moving its business phone lines to a POTS consolidator, a large, multi-location company can reduce the number of bills it receives to one. That company’s telecom people will have greater visibility of their telecom inventory, they can reduce the cost of their phone lines and have a single point of contact for moves, adds and changes.

Wireless Cost Reduction: Having your wireless bills audited is a no risk, potentially high reward activity. Unlike landline services, you don’t have to wait until you’re out of contract to reduce your company’s wireless expense. There are pricing plans available that aren’t publicized. Mobility Management companies and Wireless Auditors negotiate wireless pricing on a daily basis and know what price points are available. They complete the bulk of the work; all that’s needed is a few months bill copy. Savings can range from 10 to 45%.

Conducting a Formal Telecom Request for Proposal (RFP): Agreeing to a carrier’s renewal discount might appear to produce a savings but doing so could actually cost you money. That’s if you compare the pricing you agreed to, to the pricing you could have achieved if you shopped your services in the open market. If you’re concerned about the time investment, there are companies that can help you. If you think you waited too long and won’t have enough time, there are rapid deploy options available.

Consolidating Services: If your business has multiple locations operating independently, it’s a good idea to investigate the possibility of consolidating your phone and internet services at your headquarters and taking advantage of economies of scale. Voice and data networking has come a long way and bandwidth is widely available. Consolidate your phone service, software and phone and computer equipment and let your branch offices access everything through a private and secure wide area network, like MPLS. Doing so will help your company reduce costs, increase security and facilitate the management of its telecom inventory.

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