plain old telephone serviceSIP (Session Initiation Protocol) spells the end for PRI – SIP is more scalable, makes better use of resources, can be more cost effective and provides greater telephone number flexibility.  PRIs are fixed circuits; they require phone lines to be ordered in increments of 23 and offer little telephone number flexibility.  As the cost of bandwidth drops, it will make more and more sense to transmit voice communication over the internet.  Also, with SIP, you’re not limited to carriers, like AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink.

Wireless spells the end for analog phone service – It’s already happened in homes.  Most residential customers forgo purchasing home phone lines and use their wireless phones instead.  For business customers, wireless can replace alarm lines.  Business phone lines in break rooms are no longer a necessity because employees have become so reliant on their mobile devices.

eFax and email spell the end for analog business lines used for faxing – Bill Gates thought this would have happened already but almost every business I speak to that is ordering new or moving their existing phone service, orders fax lines. Or, they’re concerned about whether or not they can transmit faxes over phone lines delivered over an integrated T1. Despite that, more and more companies are moving away from faxing to other alternatives. So if they can’t receive a fax the fax senders will need to adapt.

Broadband spells the end of T1 – Eventually broadband internet connections will become so robust and prevalent that internet service providers will start offering broadband Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and creating integrated broadband services.  When that happens it will be goodbye T1 for most of the country.  It’s already become difficult to sell T1 services because broadband is less expensive and boasts speeds exceeding 20 Mbps.  Smart companies understand the importance of having a SLA and know the effect latency can have on call quality, but as soon as those two issues are dealt with there will be little reason to order T1.

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