5 ways to reduce the cost of your business telecomOptimize wireless plans – Mobile optimization companies analyze your company’s existing wireless bills and look for ways to reduce your monthly costs. Too many companies make the default plans they choose include more service than their employees require. Optimizers sift through a client’s mobile bill, line by line, and adjust service levels where appropriate. The more devices a company has in place, the greater the savings potential.

Consolidate billing – Most carriers has the ability to consolidate billing. If your company has multiple locations and receives more than one bill from the same provider, it makes sense to consolidate those bills into a single bill. Consolidating reduces the number of bills a company needs to process, resulting in reduced administration costs. Consolidated billing facilitates the management of a large telecom inventory. It also gives a business greater visibility of their existing telecom inventory and could help the company negotiate better pricing and terms.

Remove long distance bundles and calling plans – Thanks to Voice over IP, the cost of long distance has dropped. Today, standard long distance rates rival dedicated long distance rates and the incremental cost of a long distance bundle. By eliminating long distance bundles, a business only needs to pay for the long distance it actually uses. It used to be that a business would need to purchase a long distance calling plan to achieve low cost long distance. That’s no longer the case. If you’re paying a monthly fee for a long distance plan, investigate the rates available without the plan.

Eliminate unnecessary services – Inside wire protection plans are a total waste of money for a business that utilizes a phone system or PBX, and the services of a phone vendor. Inspect your billing and make sure you’re not paying for phone features, such as Call Waiting and Last Call Return, which are better suited for residential customers. Eliminate internet service provider charges.

Bundle services – If you’re paying individual rates for your phone features, check on the availability of feature plans. If you’re receiving your phone service from one company and your long distance or toll free from another, request rates for those services from your phone service provider.

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