1. Telecom consultantAgents can act as your customer advocate. Carrier Direct Reps don’t always act in your best interests. They are compensated by the amount you spend and continue to spend on your business telephone service, internet service and networking services, like MPLS & SIP. Agents are more likely to look for ways to save you money because they need to show their value.
  2. Agents have experience with multiple providers. Maybe there’s a carrier, like TW Telecom, XO or Integra, that’s offering attractive pricing, for a T1 or PRI, but you’re unsure about their service. Most likely an agent would have experience with the lesser known carrier, has clients using their service, and will be able to ease your fears.
  3. Agents will provide you with independent information. A carrier rep, that works for a company like CenturyLink, AT&T or Verizon, is not going to point out that only a certain amount of local calling is included with their integrated T1 or PRI service, for instance. Because an agent represents multiple providers, they don’t care which carrier you choose and are more likely to disclose information about a certain company’s limitations.
  4. Agents can provide you with more visibility. Some carriers, CenturyLink for instance, allow agents to channel integrate with direct reps. This puts your agent in all the meetings related to your account, offering a level of visibility you wouldn’t receive if you dealt directly with the carrier’s account team.
  5. You get more but you don’t pay more. With an agent you receive expertise, customer service, product support and project management; but you don’t pay for those extras, the carrier does.
  6. Agents can save you time and free up your staff. Instead of having your staff members meet with multiple reps, from multiple providers, let an agent shop your services for you. Agents represent multiple providers; they can inventory your existing business phone lines and internet services, conduct audits, they know what questions to ask and what to look out for.

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