telecom consulting servicesMore often than not, working with a telecom consultant will save you money, even if there is a charge related to their service.

Here are six ways a telecom consultant can reduce your costs and help your business:

Identify and eliminate telecom services you don’t need.  It’s important to re-price your existing business phone and internet services, but what current services could you do away with?  Fax & modem lines, wire maintenance, phone features, ISP services…there are many possibilities.  Some businesses have services that they aren’t using and don’t even know exist.  It’s important to inventory and analyze your existing services and then formulate a plan of attack.

Re-price high priced services.  Once you determine which services to hang onto, it’s important to explore ways to bring down the cost of those services.  The telecom industry is extremely competitive and prices have dropped consistently, year after year.  If you haven’t evaluated your telecom pricing lately, you’re paying too much.

Conduct requests for quotes and negotiate pricing.  Telecom consultants work with a number of telephone and internet service providers and can bid out the cost of your current services.  You’ll always do better receiving multiple bids for your internet and phone services.  The trouble is, most business people are only aware of companies like AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink and those companies don’t typically compete against each other.  Telecom consultants have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the litany of carrier and service options.

Reduce soft costs.  Telecom consultants can help you consolidate your billing, to reduce the administrative costs of processing multiple bills; improve the performance of your existing services, so your employees can work faster and be more productive; and choke the performance of non-business related internet usage, to discourage their use.  Those are just a few examples of how a telecom consultant could help you reduce soft costs.

Prevent you from purchasing services you don’t want.  When Voice over IP first came out, there were a bunch of companies pitching low cost voice services.  Problem was, most of these services were garbage.  A week or two of echoey phone calls was all it took for companies to abandon VoIP and circle the wagons.  There might be a new technology out there that would be ideal for your organization but how do you know?  A telecom consultant should have experience with the technology and can help you avoid any potential pratfalls.

Assure your installations go smoothly.  You only start saving when your new, cheaper, services are in and working and your old, more expensive, services are discontinued.  You can acquire the best pricing for the most appropriate services but if the installation of those services go awry, you’re not going to be happy.  Telecom consulting firms employ project managers to oversee installations and make sure they go smoothly.  Agents don’t get paid until the services they sell are in and working and stop being paid the minute they’re removed.  Some services require months on the books before they become profitable.  It’s in an firm’s best interest to get your services in smoothly and quickly.

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