telecom consulting service providersFix Your Bills:

Many times, the amount your being charged for your business phone and internet services is more than the amount you contracted for.  This is because certain promo codes are left off orders or prices were negotiated on an Individual Case Basis but not ordered properly.  With taxes and surcharges, you expect to pay more than what you contracted, so businesses might not be diligent when analyzing their bills.  Telecom consultants can analyze your bills and contracts, to make sure the amounts jive.

Eliminate 3rd Party Billing Charges: 

Telecom consultants speak phone company code.  Universal Service Order Codes (USOCs) were acronyms created by AT&T and still used today.  Telecom consultants are typically former phone company employees and have received USOC training.  They know the difference between legitimate phone company charges and 3rd party billing charges, which are almost always invalid.  A telecom consultant can eliminate and help your business receive credits for these charges.

Reprice Services: 

You don’t always have to switch providers to save money.  Phone companies continuously introduce new, less expensive pricing.  It doesn’t take long before your pricing becomes obsolete.  Also, many times phone companies have discount plans they don’t promote, that are used more to retain customers.  Let a telecom consultant unearth these plans and help you save.

6 Surcharges You Might See on Your Business Phone Bill

Shop Services: 

When all else fails, a well planned and administered Request for Proposal can help your business experience market leading rates.  A telecom consultant should know what’s possible and help your business choose the best possible carrier solution.

Eliminate Unnecessary Services: 

Many businesses retain services they don’t use or need.  They could be phone lines, calling plans, internet service provider fees…  A telecom consultant can evaluate your current services and help you eliminate what you don’t need.  As a result, you’ll have fewer services to manage and lower telecom bills.

Implement New Technologies: 

Voice over IP services are typically less expensive and a better fit for business.  Integrated or converged, voice and data services are less expensive than separate circuits.  MPLS can be less expensive than private lines, especially when a business requires any to any communication.  Hosted services are usually less expensive than the cost of purchasing equipment that could become obsolete.  A telecom consultant can help you understand what’s possible and help you implement new technologies with minimal transitional difficulty.

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