1. Level 3 has a completely private IP network, separate from their network connected to the Internet.  Our Level 3 rep challenged us to ask other providers for a MPLS quote that didn’t include Internet access.  He mentioned that banks and medical facilities are exposed on anything less than a completely private network.
  2. Sprint claims to have the only linear network of the major national providers.  Meaning it’s not a mix of a number of different company’s networks, pieced together.  Also, it’s all Cisco.
  3. Airband became the largest fixed wireless company in US after merging with Spark Plug.
  4. Ernest should be offering DSL service by the end of March, 2011.
  5. Comcast is starting an agent program to sell their business services.  Soon businesses will be able to purchase Comcast business phone and internet services from a trusted source – telecom consulting firms and agencies.
  6. Color Broadband has a neat product called Toll Control.  It’s a online portal that companies can use to track their toll free traffic in real time, order toll free numbers, redirect and route calls to any phone number.
  7. The agent that was so upset with XO that he used to parade around with a shirt detailing his beef against the company has finally gotten over it and was wearing a normal shirt.

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