CarrierBid has agency relationships with over one-hundred leading voice and data, business phone and internet, MPLS and SIP service providers.  

The following is just a sampling of the business phone and internet service providers we work with:


Phone and internet service provider that services 33 states.  Recently purchased Qwest Communications.

Strengths include financial position, residential services and pricing.

Comcast Business:

National Cable provider.  Offer cable phone and internet services, ethernet, hosted VoIP and PRI.  The largest cable company in the United States.


Local, national & international voice and data service provider.

Local phone company in parts of California and most of the East Coast.

Strengths are Wireless and Enterprise level services.

TW Telecom:

National CLEC with service available in 75 markets and 30 states.

Offers integrated T1, PRI, long distance and dedicated internet access through T1, bonded T1 and fiber optics.

Strengths include integrated T1 packages and dedicated internet access in fiber lit buildings.


National Hosted VoIP and business phone and internet service provider.  Great option for small businesses to secure phone, internet and phone equipment at one low monthly rate.


National CLEC.  Offer a multiple of T1 based voice and data services, MPLS, Ethernet and Private Line services.

Strengths include pricing and Equipment for Services program.

Level 3:

National Tier One Internet provider, one of only six in the world.  Owns approximately 27,000 metropolitan route miles.  Backbone has been overbuilt with a new DWDM IP and private-line switching layers.

Customers include, 18 of the world’s top 20 customers, 9 of the top 10 Internet service providers, 9 of the top 10 cable companies and the top 5 US wireless service providers.

Strengths are data and IP services.

Integra Telecom:

CLEC in 10 western states.  Operates with regional offices and local management to offer the highest level of customer service.

One of the few CLEC’s that offer POTS lines and DSL.

Strengths include pricing, integrated T1’s and high speed DSL.

Granite Telecommunications:

National POTS reseller and aggregator.  Has existing agreements with every major telephone service provider and can offer analog phone service across the U.S.

Customers include Burger King, Target Stores, Wal-Mart, The US Postal Service and Verizon Wireless.

Strengths include one bill, from one provider, across the U.S, no contract required.

Birch Communications:

National POTS reseller and aggregator.  Has agreements with every major phone service provider in the United States and can offer one bill from one provider, across the U.S.

Strengths include single bill, low rates and no PICC charges.

Cogent Communications:

National and international, tier one, internet service provider.  1500 buildings connected directly to Cogent’s IP backbone.

Offer dedicated internet access, Ethernet, point to point and collocation services.

Strengths include on-net pricing and SLA.


National reseller of LEC and CLEC services.  Offer tier one services at wholesale prices.

Strengths include pricing and ability to reroute traffic from one network to another if outage occurs.

BullsEye Telecom:

National reseller of voice and data services.  Single source provider to companies with multiple locations.

Strengths include broad range of services, simplified billing and pricing.


National wholesale internet service provider.  Offer dedicated internet access, private line, MPLS and metro Ethernet services.

Strength is ability to service rural locations.

Global Crossing:

Global business voice and data service provider.  Service 40% of the Fortune 500 along with 700 carriers, mobile operators and internet service providers worldwide.

Strengths include customer service and SIP.

Time Warner Cable:

Offer business phone and internet services over coaxial cable.

Strengths include pricing and internet bandwidth.


Local, national and international voice and data service provider.

Offer every telecommunications service from POTS to GigE speed Ethernet.

Strengths are local service and Enterprise level services.

ACC Business:

A division of AT&T focused on small to midsized businesses, sold through agencies.

Strengths include pricing and network.


Alteva delivers cloud-based Unified Communications solutions across all 50 states and four continents. It provides a reliable network, responsive and proactive customer service, and great value to customers in the industry.

Line Systems:

Regional Competitive Local Exchange Carrier.  Resells Verizon legacy, TDM services.  National MPLS and Hosted VoIP provider.


National voice and data service provider.

Strengths include Wireless service pricing.


CLEC in California and Nevada.

Offer POTS lines, integrated and bonded T1 services.

Strengths include integrated T1 services and pricing.


Toll Free RespOrg service provider.  Allows companies with significant toll free traffic to act as their own RespOrg.  Allows a company to take advantage of Least Call Routing, Carrier Diversity and Disaster Recovery.


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