Business Telecom Services in Georgia

Selecting the right business telecom solutions can be an overwhelming task. There are substantial monetary investments and requirements for proper due diligence before making any technology and vendor selections. The CarrierBid team understands this completely and we present to you our comprehensive services catering to all your organization’s telecommunications requirements.



There is more than one reason why our telecom consulting company is a partner of choice for a number of clients in Georgia . Let us list down a few of them below:

Industry Expertise

The CarrierBid team comprises individuals with decades of hands-on experience, having worked directly for and with various telecom and data networking carriers. As a result, our team members are able to offer you much-needed insights while making critical business telecom decisions. We strive to make you aware of the finer points and reading between the lines to get you the best possible deal and services available in the marketplace.

Impartial Assessments

CarrierBid Communications is not a telecom vendor. Therefore, we are not tied to any specific carrier or telecom supplier. As an independent agency, the CarrierBid team is in an advantageous position to offer you correct assessments based on your business requirements rather than giving biased opinions on a few popular products.

Comprehensive Consulting Services

We firmly believe that consulting services are critical for understanding the requirements of our clients so that we can suggest the best possible solutions. Our clients enjoy these services absolutely free of charge. Our experts can be contacted directly by reaching out to them on our website. We can help you make accurate assessments and finalize the most suitable solutions.

The CarrierBid Process

Our free consulting services are the first step of the CarrierBid process. These are delivered free of charge and the primary goal is to help us understand your current as well as future telecom requirements. We then present our recommendations and the suggested solutions. After we have mutually agreed upon the proposed solution, we help you enter into a contract with your chosen carriers that outlines all the deliverables comprehensively and clearly for us and our clients to refer to during the course of the engagement.

Our Services

CarrierBid’s Business telecom services in Georgia encompass a wide range of solutions.
Some of these include:

Our Telecom Inventory services are delivered by trained professionals to offer comprehensive services irrespective of the size of your business. These telecom inventory services include the creation and implementation of RFPs (Request of Proposals). These services are backed by accurate market data and analysis, our core industry expertise, and the efficient negotiation skills of our team.

SD-WAN, or Software-Defined Wide Area Network, has become an increasingly popular business telecom strategy in recent times. The CarrierBid team has transitioned a number of our clients to Software-defined Wide Area Network, or SD-WAN. We have helped them align their business network requirements to an SD-WAN-enabled setup to reduce costs and increase the quality of services.

Hosted Voice over IP (also known as Unified Communications as a Service-UcaaS) is the perfect solution if you are looking at upgrading your outdated telephony system as this low-cost communication service is suitable for businesses of all sizes. If you would like to know more about its benefits for your specific requirements, then take advantage of our free consulting and book your appointment with one of our telephony solutions experts.

Network and telecommunications security are some of the most critical areas for the health and well-being of any organization. Even a minor network security breach can be detrimental to your business’ revenues and reputation. At CarrierBid, we help our clients identify opportunities for digital transformation so that their network system is updated and protected against cyber threats.

Apart from Hosted VoIP, the CarrierBid team is capable of handling multiple business phone services. Our expertise covers POTS (analog phone lines), PRI, Voice T1 (Bonded T1 and Integrated T1 as well), SIP, Hosted VoIP, long-distance communications, audio conferencing, voicemail, remote call forwarding, etc. We can help you analyze your business requirements and suggest the appropriate business phone service.

CarrierBid Communications is associated with some of the leading cloud contact center software providers in Georgia. Our team also offers consulting services in this field to help our clients identify the correct software that is optimized for their requirements, specifically the number of users, the rate of concurrent callers, location, type of calls, etc.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in Georgia. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

First and foremost, you need to identify whether your business requires an on-premise business telephone system, or you can transition to a cloud-based or a hosted option. The CarrierBid team can help you identify your existing communication requirements and also create an assessment to provide for future expansion. You can directly talk to one of our experts to understand the different suitable options for your specific requirements.

CarrierBid is not a regular telecom vendor. As an agency, we come equipped with over 180+ industry partnerships that allow us to offer our clients the best services at some of the most competitive rates. We can easily provide telecom solutions that may not be the flavor of the month.

As a business communication technology, SD-WAN prioritizes and monitors the flow of traffic, improving your network’s consistency and as well as ensuring high-quality throughput. Users get an increased level of uptime and enhanced performance of the network without investing in dedicated lines. You can talk to our experts for more details on the benefits of SD-WAN for your business telecom requirements.

Carrier bid FAQ
What are the Benefits of Transitioning from Copper Wires to Fiber Optic Cables?

What are the Benefits of Transitioning from Copper Wires to Fiber Optic Cables?

Both fiber optic and copper cables come with their own sets of benefits and drawbacks. However, most network upgrades typically mean a transition from copper wires to glass or fiber optic cables.
The rise in the popularity of fiber optic cables is largely due to the reduction in the cost of implementation and the much-improved speed capacities. Traditionally, the cost has been a major advantage in favor of copper wires, but the improvements in technology and processes have made fiber optic connectivity more affordable in recent times. When comparing both these technologies, fiber optic cables stand out as clear-cut winners. Let us take a look with respect to the following parameters:
Bandwidth – copper wires can typically offer up to 10Gbps, whereas fiber optic cables can easily scale up to over 60Tbps.
Distance – even in distance, fiber optic connectivity offers a range of over 1200 miles at 10,000 Mbps, and copper cables are limited to just 300 feet at 1000 Mbps.
Security – fiber optic cables are considered more secure as they are nearly impossible to tap into. Copper cables, on the other hand, can be vulnerable to tapping.
Other than this, fiber optic cables also consume less energy per user than copper wires and weigh almost a tenth of what copper wires do.

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