Business Telecom Services in Washington

At CarrierBid, we believe that innovation is the key to establishing competitive business telecom services in Washington. Keeping this in mind, we offer customized solutions to resolve even the most complicated telecom issues.

Why Select CarrierBid Communications?

Why Select CarrierBid Communications?

There is more than one reason why our telecom consulting company is a partner of choice for a number of clients in Ohio. Let us list down a few of them below:

Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

Most businesses feel that hiring the services of a telecom agency will add to the costs. In our case, this could not be further from the truth. With our partnerships we can not only provide our clients with a robust selection of services to choose from, but our partnerships also help us extend the discounted prices to our customers.

Industry Partnerships

The CarrierBid team brings with it the benefit of 180+ strong partnerships with some of the biggest names in the Washington business telecom industry. These professional relationships allow us to offer a wide variety of services and solutions that can be modified and customized as per your requirements. It also allows us to cover even the rarest of solutions that most vendors may not service.

Unbiased Suggestions

Unbiased Suggestions

CarrierBid is not a telecom vendor. Therefore, unlike a business telecom vendor in Washington, we are not tied to any specific carrier or telecom solutions provider. This places us in a unique way to help our clients receive impartial and honest opinions. Our recommendations are perfectly balanced and designed to offer you solutions that cater to your particular needs rather than what is the most popular service.

Streamlined Process

Streamlined Process

CarrierBid has been in the business of enabling our clients with productive telecom solutions and services since 2006. Our efficient process has been the key to ensuring customer satisfaction. We begin with free consulting services that include an in-depth analysis of your current business telecom landscape. This helps us assess the gaps and supply options for future scalability. Next, we offer our recommendations and, once these are mutually agreed upon, we enter into a services contract that outlines the deliverables and the project lifecycle.

Our Services

Here are some of our most popular business telecom services:

Our recommended hosting services are highly suitable for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are a large, medium, or small business, you can stand to benefit from our hosting solutions including colocation. We also offer comprehensive managed hosting services to ensure your network is up and running for high performance and productivity.

Our team specializes in different components of business internet access services. CarrierBid’s 180+ supplier network further supports the team to ensure that our clients have a good mix of suitable products to pick and choose from. Our services cover DSL, Ethernet, cable internet access, satellite internet access, 5G internet access, T1 lines, optical carrier, and DS3.

Network security is often taken lightly by most businesses. However, it is highly critical for achieving business process efficiency. Any breach can be detrimental whether your business is local or global. The CarrierBid team can help you use every opportunity presented for achieving digital transformation. This will build a network system that ensures protection against cyber threats.

The CarrierBid team understands the importance of seamless internal and external voice communication services for the successful operations of any business. Keeping this in mind, we cover a range of teleservices including POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), VoIP (Voice over IP), Hosted VoIP, PRI (Primary Rate Interface), voice T1, SIP, audio conferencing, voice mail, and more.

CarrierBid’s wireless bill audit services are aimed at helping our clients reduce their existing wireless service expenses by as much as 45% within 45 days. In addition to this, they can achieve such cost-savings without changing the network carrier or the wireless plan. Our process covers audit, optimization strategy, and implementation of the recommendations.

The last few years have seen immense growth in integrated voice and data solutions. Today, nearly all telecom carriers offer these services allowing you to select from a wide array of options. With dedicated ethernet circuits, you can have these integrated services with air-tight service level agreements and excellent response and resolution times.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in Washington. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

Wireless audits are aimed at helping businesses assess the current state of their business wireless environments. It gives you much needed visibility on how much, and where, you are spending on your wireless services. You can then set up a call with us and revisit your wireless service priorities. The CarrierBid team can help you align your services based on your audit results.

All types of businesses can benefit from integrated voice and data solutions. The benefits cater to business requirements rather than the size of the business. For instance, if your business requires a stable network, long-distance communication, scalability, consistent bandwidth as well as same download and upload speeds, then integrated voice and data solutions are the best options available today.

Every business across the state of Washington may have different network security requirements that are defined by its operational environment. However, irrespective of the industry or sector you are engaged in, your telecom environments must be optimally secured by suitable network security solutions. The most convenient way to decide on network security is by hiring the services of agencies like CarrierBid who can help you identify your network security requirements and recommend appropriate solutions.

Benefits of An Efficient Disaster Recovery Plan

Benefits of An Efficient Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery solutions are necessary for ensuring data protection and preventing disasters from affecting your business information systems. Some benefits of an effectively implemented DR and BCP plan include:

  • Better recovery and restoration times – An efficient disaster recovery solution can help you bring down the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) significantly. In fact, the restore times can be exactly as detailed in your disaster recovery plan, and you can continue working with only minor interruption.
  • Minimized interruption – When things are pre-planned, it is easier for everyone to get the business back on track. In other words, a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity plan can assure minimal interruption in case of an unforeseen event.
  • Reduced loss – Reduced RPO and RTO can also bring down the time that it takes you to get back in production helping you cut your losses in the case of a disaster. By limiting your damage, you are also reducing the cost of recovery.
  • No break in performance – By making sure that your critical business processes are up and running in case of a disaster, you can benefit from better client satisfaction. This gives businesses a competitive edge in their industry.

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