We are your true advocate and will provide viable options from our 180+ supplier portfolio. We’ll help you determine the best strategy, with accountability, trust and optimal solutions that are designed specifically for your business needs. We’ll independently advise you and help decide which carrier is best for YOU.


Here’s why your business should choose CarrierBid as your carrier advocate:

  • Save time: since we’ll be a free added resource to your IT team
  • Save aggravation: we deal with the carriers so you won’t have to (or we can work along-side your IT/procurement team if you prefer)
  • CarrierBid is a third party neutral company: unbiased information
  • We never bill you for our services
  • We have carrier “insider information” since most CarrierBid employees have worked for the suppliers
  • We are the “Kayak” for telecommunications and data networking services
  • We know the strengths and weaknesses of the suppliers
  • We know which suppliers are available at your business locations
  • No obligation or incentive to choose one supplier over another
  • We are not a reseller, not an aggregator, not a VAR.
  • The perpetual carrier account manager “shuffle” does not impact us (where you get a new rep every year)
  • Our promises are kept
  • Realistic expectations are set
  • It is a true partnership between you and CarrierBid
  • Problem resolution assistance and escalation with the carriers
  • Installation project management team resource
  • Wireless bill audit and savings potential (revenue neutral since commissions are based on a savings and pricing reduction model)
  • Rate leverage: Same or better pricing (no penalty for using a third-party company!)
  • Contract negotiation leverage (You still sign the agreement with the service provider, not CarrierBid)
  • Long-term relationships sustain our business which in turn helps you

CarrierBid has over 180 carriers and service providers available to help you execute your mission to deliver great service to your business and valuable customers.  We’ve been in the industry since 1994—Let us use our experience and intellectual property to assist and advise you with a holistic approach as we analyze your IT and business options.    

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Why should you choose CarrierBid as your trusted advisor for all of your data network and telecommunications needs? See the video below to find out more.


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