telecom consulting service providersYou’ve probably heard the term Cloud Computing.  It seems to be the latest technology based buzzword, replacing terms like “collaboration”, “synergy” and “information superhighway”.

The “cloud” is the internet and “computing” refers to software, computing equipment and network infrastructure.  Instead of building a network or purchasing equipment and software, a company leases these services or equipment.

There are three tiers of cloud computing, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS.

IaaS stands for Infrastructure as a Service.  “Service” refers to leasing equipment.  “Infrastructure” is the equipment necessary to operate a wide area network.  Circuits, like T1s, Private Line, Fiber and MPLS, are services that are leased.  Usually the equipment they’re connected to, routers, data-center equipment, servers… are purchased.  IaaS refers to subscribing to provider plans that turn the capital expense of purchasing networking equipment into an operating expense.

PaaS stands for Platform as a Service.  The “platform” is the hardware architecture and software framework that allow application software to run.  Examples of platform services are an Operating System or a Graphical User Interface.   For example, a business could make Windows an operating expense instead of purchasing the software and downloading it onto their computer equipment.  A Solution Stack is a series of interrelated computing software that performs a function and would fall under Platform as a Service.  An example of a solution stack is an operating system – middleware – database and applications.

SaaS is Software as a Service.  SaaS is on demand software that is centrally located and accessed through the internet or intranet with a thin client and a web browser.  A thin client is a type of computer that relies on other computing equipment for traditional computing abilities.

With Cloud Computing, a company could potentially eliminate all the capital expenses related to establishing and operating a computer network and have access to all the software necessary to function.  Cloud Computing could eliminate most of the management a computer network and company software requires, and should allow a company to reduce staff that perform those responsibilities.

Cloud computing is becoming more popular due to the availability of inexpensive and private bandwidth.  With the existence of robust MPLS networks, it makes sense to centralize sources of technology.  Large companies, with multiple locations can eliminate redundant purchases and simplify the management of their network, especially computing equipment and software located at their remote locations.

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