CarrierBid Wireless Cost Reduction Program:

Today, more than ever, corporations and large businesses need to reduce their costs to remain competitive in the marketplace. 

Meet Frank.

Frank is the CIO of a medium-sized company. He wants to do his part and lower his company’s wireless technology costs, but Frank doesn’t want to sacrifice performance or spend a lot of time working on a project. And further, he wants any transition to happen as seamlessly as possible without any impact to end-users.

Sound impossible?

Actually, it’s quite possible.

With CarrierBid’s Wireless Cost Reduction program, Frank’s company could lower its wireless expenses by 10-45% with our extensive wireless Intellectual Property.

  • It doesn’t matter if they’re under contract. 
  • No contract renegotiation is necessary (very rare)
  • The program requires very little time from Frank or his staff. (Typically, less than 2-3-hours total)
  • The employees at Frank’s company won’t need to downgrade their phones or reduce their usage
  • Frank can keep his current wireless carrier(s) and provider account management team (Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, Sprint Wireless, T-Mobile)
  • Do you already have a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) provider like Tangoe, MDSL/Telesoft, Calero, CIMPL or MTS?  If so, that’s okay.  We don’t negatively impact that relationship in any way.  We just enhance what they’ve already done for you.
  • Approximately 30-days to implement the savings!


CarrierBid uses a simple three-step process: 


  • Review the last 3 months billing for each device
  • Analyze current wireless agreements
  • Calculate average cost per user and device
  • Compare to industry specific benchmarks and other like customers in the marketplace



  • Leverage specialty unpublished pricing and carrier relationships to produce best in class pricing and terms
  • Detailed per wireless device savings proposal
  • Design unique rate structures
  • Innovative pooling techniques
  • Promotional discount rates
  • You approve or reject suggested actions (since you know your business best!)
  • Determine baseline for wireless optimization



  • Manage implementation of new plans and discounts
  • Implement Mobility Management strategy
  • Monthly bill reviews
  • Continuous adjustments over the initial 8-month engagement
  • Credit requests for billing errors
  • Determine if you’d like to continue using our service going forward.  75% of our customers choose to continue the wireless management relationship


We really do see savings up to 45% while most of our customers average 25%-30% monthly savings.  Even for our clients with a TEM solution, we’ll typically achieve 27% savings.  Is there a dollar amount that we could save you that would make this important enough to look at this over the next few weeks? $24k annually? $50k annually? (Use numbers based on your monthly wireless total spend and – assume 25% – 45% savings)


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