Here’s why your business should use CarrierBid to maximize your Lumen experience

  • We are a Master Agent for Lumen (Lumen Partner Program) and have been managing Lumen customers and their services for over 20 years.
  • As a Lumen master agent, we have access to most of the same tools and resources as if we were direct employees of Lumen . Lumen see’s us as another valuable sales and support channel of their organization and provides dedicated resources such as Channel Sales Managers, Account Consultants, Engineers, Billing Support Specialists, Project Managers, etc.
  • We have an experienced back-office team made up of former Lumen Account Consultants and Project managers–20-35 years +
  • “Carrier insiders”—We’ve worked as employees for Lumen (Mountain Bell, USWest, Qwest, CenturyLink) and know how they operate. We use this knowledge to your advantage
  • CarrierBid will support you for decades to come–Carrier account management /sales teams have high turnover and typically change every one to two years
  • We push the carriers to keep their pencil sharp. Our portfolio consists of 180+ carriers which we bid against each other to maximize rate reductions for our clients.
  • We work alongside your procurement and legal team to help secure the best deal and contract terms
  • Our team manages weekly project and service meetings with all major clients to make sure all issues are addressed in a timely and effective manner and that nothing is forgotten.
  • Repair Escalation support: we have high level contacts at Lumen and most other carriers and leverage these relationships when repair issues arise. We also know many of the technicians and feet on the street.
  • Network design: we design the network to your specifications to include disaster recovery and redundancy between carriers and uncover and identify potential areas of risk.
  • Network installation project management: Our team manages the entire installation process and helps navigate the internal complexities of each carrier. We escalate as needed.
  • Inventory/Bill Evaluation/Audit: On an ongoing basis, we review the bills and network inventory to ensure accuracy and optimization of the carriers’ services.

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