The network communication infrastructure is indeed shifting to a packet based communication environment from being a largely circuit-switched architecture. Internet Protocol or IP is seen as the driving force behind this transformation. Managed IP services is not a recent phenomenon and the term has been heard floating around since 2009.

However, the positive response from the early benefactors of this service has helped managed IP services gain gradual popularity and today. Today, these services are seen as one of the emerging standards in WAN networking.

Understanding Managed IP Services: What, How & Why

To put it simply, Managed IP services are designed to take away the pain and effort of managing IP from the customer’s IT team. In this setup, Managed IP service vendors provide services catering to the organization’s WAN network thereby, allowing the customers to focus on their core business processes.

By doing so, the IP is managed entirely by the third-party vendor to ensure that there are not service gaps that can disrupt the functioning of the network. Managed IP services are also designed to increase cost-efficiency and ensure greater up-time and network availability as they are delivered by domain experts.

How do Managed IP Services Function? Find out everything.

How do Managed IP Services Function?

Global IP networks are deployed to provide internet connectivity from even the most remote locations on the planet. Unfortunately, this public access internet is not optimized to ensure manageability, security, and performance guarantees irrespective of whether they are CE, Layer 1, or even Layer 3 VPN based network connections.

Hence, managed IP services are offered by vendors to ensure that the networks work in line with the client’s expectations without transferring the headache of management onto the end customer. Managed IP services are built to fill in the gaps that may remain in the form of a lack of skills or IT resources.

Up until now, managed IP services have not been standardized across the board as service providers offer their own packages that are specific to the OS version or the vendor’s capabilities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you have as few managed IP services vendors as possible since not every vendor will have all the capabilities.

The Shift of Managed IP Services from LAN to WAN

With its global reach, the internet is the largest IP network today. However, it is up to the users to ensure that they make it secure enough for their sensitive transactions.

Alternatively, you can use private links to establish communication networks beyond your office premises, but this can lead to high costs of setup as well as challenging operations. Point-to-point communication private lines help you create a secure WAN, but the cost can cause severe damage to your budget.

Companies like CenturyLink, Verizon and AT&T offer robust private networks which are built on cutting edge technology and fiber optics. These, along with public internet and dedicated private lines can offer connections to all locations adopting IP.

Benefits of Managed IP Voice & Other Network Services

Benefits of Managed IP Services: Reliable, Affordable & Efficient

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is one of the most popular applications of managed IP networks. It provides the security of access and communication by encrypting your information as it flows through the network. Like this, the easily available public internet network communication gets transformed into your private and secure internet network. This is the main reason why businesses opt for VPN secures for their sensitive communications.

IP based managed services also support enterprise-wide Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP requirements. VoIP is a cost-efficient replacement for the traditional methods of business telephony. However, VoIP can be fairly complex to manage in house. Hence, a managed IP service is the perfect solution to reap the benefits of this form of communication. Managed IP services are designed to ensure that your WAN network remains steady and robust to support not just VoIP but your data communications as well.

Most vendors offer comprehensive managed IP solutions including proactive network monitoring to make sure that the required levels of uptime and availability are maintained while minimizing the number of outages and providing better issue response and resolution times. But, most importantly, the popularity of managed IP services is a direct result of satisfied customers who have benefitted from this service.

Steady developments in WAN and IP technology have redefined the networking standard. The increased efficiency, reliability, and affordability are the main driving forces behind the emerging WAN networking standard supported thoroughly by managed IP services. If you would like to find out more about managed IP services, then feel free to contact us directly at CarrierBid. Or you can fill the form below and our experts can get in touch with you for an initial consultation. Keep in mind that our services are completely free of charge to you so there is no risk to giving us a try.

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