business phone and internetNo one looks forward to moving his or her residence.  Moving a business can be twice as challenging.  Often times, the people managing the move, never moved a business before.  They have so many things to consider that it’s very easy for something to fall trough the cracks.

Here a few items regarding telecom that business people should be aware of when they’re managing a business move or opening a new location: 

Plan ahead.  Three weeks is the typical interval to install new or move existing phone and internet services.  That’s if everything goes smoothly.  More often than not, installations require more time.  It’s much better to start the process sooner than later.

Get everyone involved.  It’s best to have your phone vendor, IT company and the company that will install your cabling all involved and receiving order correspondence from your phone and internet service providers.  These people need to complete work preceding and during your installation.  They’re usually busy people, so reserve the time in advance.

Check to see if you’ll be able to keep your phone numbers.  If you’re moving your business, contact your phone service provider, to determine if your phone numbers can operate at your new location.  Thanks to  Voice over IP, there is great deal more phone number flexibility but there are circumstances when your phone numbers can’t follow you to your new location.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to develop a plan B.

Don’t assume DSL and Cable will be available.  Many times when one of these services is not available, both aren’t available.  Smaller businesses residing in a building with no DSL or Cable internet are forced to subscribe to more expensive phone and internet services.  It’s a good idea to contact the local phone and cable companies or a telecom consultant before you sign a lease to determine if the building you’re considering can be serviced.  If your business is currently using cable phone and internet, and you’re under contract, typically, the cable company won’t let you out of your contract, even if you’re moving to a location they can’t service.

Don’t forget your phone equipment.  A business phone system is hard wired in phone closet.  If your business is going to retain its existing system, you’re going to experience a block of time when your customers won’t be able to reach you.  Make sure you forward your main telephone number to a cell phone.  If possible, schedule your move during non business hours.  You’re going to need to reserve time with your phone vendor.  That individual might need to devote a good portion of a day to your move and you will need to pay for his time.

The best time to shop is when you’re moving.  Your business is going to go through upheaval anyway, might as well shop around and see if there are better price or service options available.  You can schedule the new service installation at your new office location and save on service transfer fees.

If you would like assistance moving your business phone and internet or establishing services at a new business location, contact CarrierBid today.  Our professionals will do the bulk of the work for you, allowing you to focus on other responsibilities.  

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