Save Time when shopping for business phone & internetCarrierBid professionals can work alongside your I.T. Staff. Our process doesn’t require a large time investment. A short meeting to discuss your company’s goals and obtain the scope of your current services is all that’s needed.

Don’t spend hours meeting with multiple sales representatives from various carriers, explaining and re-explaining your objectives, and then be bombarded by follow-up calls.  Make one call to CarrierBid, schedule one meeting and you’re on your way.

CarrierBid utilizes a reverse auction process that results in the lowest pricing and most favorable terms possible.

CarrierBid consultants are experienced, knowledgeable and operate at the highest level of professionalism. Every step we take is focused on building a long term, beneficial relationship.

Schedule a Telecom Consultation.

CarrierBid gets the carriers to bid for your services.  


What we are not!

What we are NOT!
NOT a Reseller
NOT “Maintaining Your Spend”
NOT Impacted by perpetual carrier Account Manager “Shuffle” (Do you know the names of your last five rep’s?)

Carrierbid is YOUR Master Agent. We give you honest comparisons to help you navigate the shark infested carrier waters. Most CarrierBid employees have previously worked for the carriers directly and have “Insider Information” that is used to your advantage.

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