telecom consultingIf you’re a business owner and outsourcing your I.T. support you made the correct decision. It doesn’t make sense to pay someone a salary and benefits, to manage technology that doesn’t require the attention that it did only five or ten years ago.

Problem is, the person or persons you replaced used to be the people that made the majority of your technology purchasing decisions.

Most business owners in this predicament lean on their I.T. vendor for advice. That’s also a good decision. But it might make sense to turn to a telecom agent or consultant as well.

Telecom agents and consultants are independent professionals that can help a business make the right choices for anything technology related, including business phone and internet services, phone and routing equipment, cloud computing and hosted services, wireless and telecom expense management.

Some common advantages of working with a telecom agent:

#1. Telecom agents are often considered to be utility players in your business. They conduct the bulk of the work, leaving your employees free to concentrate on their day-to-day activities. They’re experts and keep up to date on technologies that are ever changing. They work for their clients and need to prove their value by obtaining the best terms and pricing.

#2. Telecom agents know the marketplace. They can tackle problems like bad call quality, dropped calls and the unavailability of broadband.

#3. If you’ve had issues with the local phone and cable company (Verizon, CenturyLink, AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner and Cox) and you’re not sure what alternatives exist, a telecom agent has experience with other provider options.

#4. If you’ve dealt with billing disputes, service outages, early termination penalties, you know how time consuming and upsetting they can be. A good telecom agent can take those items off your plate and make them disappear.

#5. Best thing, most telecom agents don’t charge a fee for their service. Ultimately, they’re compensated by the carrier of your choice. If you think that might add to the cost of your services, keep in mind that the carrier is going to pay someone. Either it will be the agent working for you or their sales rep working for them.

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