telecom consulting service providersWhen you’re in the market for business phone or internet service you can work through a telecom consultant or with a sales rep employed by a phone or cable company.  Many people believe there’s less risk working with a direct sales rep or that they would pay more if they went through a telecom consultant, but that shouldn’t be the case. 

This is the final addition of a multi part series comparing direct reps to telecom consultants or agents. 

Some carriers offer channel integration to customers.  Channel integration is when an agent representing a carrier works together on a deal with the carrier’s direct sales team. This provides the customer the best of both worlds; they receive the personal attention that a telecom consultant or agent provides and direct representation from a carrier rep.

Carriers agree to this arrangement because they feel that it offers them the best chance to win new business.  In order to make it work, both sides take a commission hit but the general feeling is that it’s better to work together and receive some compensation than forge ahead alone and receive nothing.

Despite the customer benefits, few carriers offer channel integration.  My telecom consulting firm has only worked with three carriers that offered the arrangement, CenturyLink, TW Telecom and Integra.  TW Telecom forces agents to work deals involving certain products and services, like MPLS and SIP trunks, with direct reps. Integra is a smaller provider in CenturyLink’s territory and offers the program to compete with CenturyLink.  

CenturyLink is the largest provider to offer true channel integration.  CenturyLink’s channel integration is a real plus to large business customers.  Large businesses have huge telecom spends and channel integration provides them with a much higher level of visibility of CenturyLink’s pricing plans.  Businesses that take advantage of the program can feel comfortable that they are receiving CenturyLink’s best pricing and services.

A business in the market for new telecom services or conducting a RFP, that wants to receive the highest level of service possible, should consider CenturyLink, because they offer channel integration.

CarrierBid offers customers a “channel integration” experience to all of our clients,  Because our professionals are former carrier account managers, we know how carriers operate and methods to retrieve their best pricing and most responsive service.

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