Telecom Consulting Services Large enterprise companies employ telecom procurement professionals to negotiate, procure and manage their company’s voice and data services and related expenses.  These people are experts in the field of telecommunications and attend regular seminars to improve their knowledge and brush up on their skills.

Why are large companies willing to spend thousands of dollars in salary and benefits for procurement professionals?  Because good procurement people save their companies money.

When you’re spending millions of dollars each year on telephone and internet services, you’re willing to pay a procurement professional a five or six figure salary.  These people perform extensive RFQs (Request for Quotes) that produce market leading pricing and contract terms.  Without their involvement their companies would pay thousands of dollars more each month and be tied in higher term and revenue commitments.

What about your company?  Can you afford to hire a full time procurement person?  Probably not – it wouldn’t make economical sense.  So how can you experience the same positives that procurement people produce on a much more limited budget?  Turn to a telecom consultant.

Procurement people conduct RFQs – so do telecom consultants.  The most effective way to secure aggressive pricing is to pit carriers, like AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink against each other.  The moment you limit the competition, carriers will pull back their best pricing.

Procurement professionals don’t form relationships with carrier account reps and neither do telecom consultants.  The carrier reps receive extensive training in tactics to use to build rapport with their customers.  Why is that?  So they provide exceptional customer service?  That might be part of it but the main reason is to get you to drop your guard and start treating your account rep like a partner or friend.  Being friendly doesn’t get you better pricing, it just makes the process more enjoyable.  Telecom consultants make it their job to produce results for their clients; they don’t expect to have fun.

Procurement professionals plan ahead and formulate strategies – so do telecom consultants.  A well-run telecom negotiation lasts six months or more.  Let that soak in.  Do your people have six months to devote to a project that falls outside their core competency or the scope of your business?  No way.  But if you shorten the process, you leave money on the table.  Telecom consultants can manage the process for you.  It’s an affordable way to purchase telecom services like the big boys. Our blog demonstrates the ways you should effectively manage your telecom procurement process. Take a look at the blog for a clear and concise understanding.

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