telecom consulting service providersOne of the benefits of working with a telecom agency to secure your business voice and data services is they can help you expedite service repairs.

If you’ve ever experienced trouble with your business phone or internet, VoIP, SIP, MPLS, SD-WAN, Dedicated Fiber, or other telecom service, you know what a drag it can be.  Basically, you call your provider, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

There are few experiences less enjoyable than the feeling of helplessness waiting for your service to be brought back up, while your coworkers and superiors drill you for updates.

If you purchased your telephone or internet services through CarrierBid, we can help ease your pain.

With CarrierBid it’s a two step process:

  1. Call your provider’s repair telephone number to secure a repair ticket number.
  2. Complete the web form you’ll find at

Your CarrierBid Single Point of Contact will contact your carrier and work to have your services up and running as soon as possible.  Our people have established contacts with internal employees at all the major providers.  They know who to call to get stuff done and what’s what in telecom; they won’t fall for any of the carrier’s excuses or redirection.

The choice is yours: go at it alone or have an agency fight these battles for you.

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