telecom consultingIf you missed Ten Reasons to use a Telecom Consultant, Part 1.

Many business people head into a telecom negotiation or RFP without any formal training or the aid of a telecom consultant.  They rely on the guidance they receive from carrier direct reps.  That might not be the smartest thing to do because carrier reps are only going to tell you what they want you to hear.

Here are five more reasons to turn to a telecom consultant for help: 

  1. You won’t have to deal with telephone company sales people – If you request pricing from five different providers, you’re going to have to conduct at least five fact finding meetings, sit through five presentations and then field follow up calls from five different sales reps. If you work through a telecom consultant, that person can shelter you from all the meetings and follow up.
  2. Telecom Consultants help you avoid adverse contract terms – Think carrier sales reps are on your side?  I have two words for you – “auto renew”.  Auto renews never work in your favor; they reduce your flexibility and leverage.  See if a carrier sales rep ever makes you aware of their company’s auto renew clause.
  3. Telecom Consultants help you experience trouble free installations – Telecom consultants have back office people that do nothing but place and monitor telecom service installations.  They’re former telephone company employees, so they have contacts inside the phone company that they can call to if something goes awry during the order process.
  4. They provide bill review and support – Many times your first bills don’t reflect the prices you signed for.  A telecom consultant can help you spot billing mistakes and through the process of rebilling and credit retrieval.
  5. Telecom Consultants provide ongoing customer support – Have you ever spent an entire morning on the phone with the phone or cable company?  Is there anything more frustrating or a bigger waste of your time?  Imagine if you could make one short call to your telecom consultant and be done with it.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone on your side that follow through and remedy your situation?

CarrierBid professionals have received weeks of training on telecom services and successful procurement practices.  If you would like to experience the positive results and ease of working with a telecom consultant contact CarrierBid Telecom Consulting services today. 

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