telecom consulting service providersTelecom installations can be tricky and it’s better to have someone, like a telecom consultant on your side, helping you through the process.  

Top Ten Telecom Installation Problems, Part 1

Wrong service installed: 

Your phone system might require analog phone lines but digital lines were ordered.  Maybe you have two locations that communicate through a VPN that requires a particular router configuration.  If these details aren’t worked out ahead of time, your installation will need to be delayed and corrections made, at best.  Worse, your services won’t function properly until the necessary adjustments are made, requiring you to pay more money to your phone and IT vendors.

Faulty router: 

On occasion, the new service wont work right or goes down repeatedly and at first everyone assumes it’s the new services.  After some confusion and frustration, someone determines that the problem is a defective router.

No riser cable: 

In a high rise, telecom services are delivered in a telephone room located in the basement and then they are extended up an elevator shaft and delivered to another phone room on the customer’s floor.  So there are four connections that need to be made, the connection to the primary phone closet, the connection to the riser cable, the connection to the local phone closet and then to business suite.  Every element of the installation must be completed and all the parties’ work coordinated or the service won’t be available come installation time.

No access to the phone closet: 

Either the phone closet is locked and property management is not available to provide access or the phone closet is located in an inconvenient location.  I worked on an installation where the phone closet was located in the women’s restroom, another time it was located in another business’s suite.  On both occasions, the install needed to be scheduled after business hours.  The businesses had to arrange for an employee to be present and their phone and IT vendors to arrive after normal business hours.

No facilities: 

Every voice and data circuit that is ordered needs an available facility in order to deliver service.  If all the existing facilities are in use, then extra work is required to complete the installation.  This could lead to delays and extra cost.

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