business phone and internetBefore the days of satellite radio, Pandora, Spotify and podcasts, radio ruled the world. If you listened to any local radio station, you would be entertained by (subjected to?) “Hump Day,” “Hawaiian Shirt Friday,” and of course “Two for Tuesday.” That’s the day you could hear, not one, but two songs in a row from your favorite artists.

In the spirit of morning zoos everywhere, here’s telecom’s two for Tuesday:

Hosted VoIP and internet:

Your Hosted Voice over IP voice quality is only as good as your internet connection. Upload bandwidth and routing equipment are key. Because almost any business can receive tens of Mbps of bandwidth for a reasonable price, Hosted VoIP has become more economical. But broadband internet connections are “best effort” services. Meaning, the bandwidth isn’t guaranteed or dedicated. Hosted VoIP call quality won’t be as high as the call quality you’d experience with traditional phone service partnered with a premise based phone system. If you want to implement Hosted VoIP make sure you do so with a provider that has control over the internet connection that will support the service. Otherwise, your business will experience poor call quality and finger pointing.

Cable modem and DSL:

These two services have been tied together since the advent of the internet. They’re the low cost, high bandwidth solutions offered by your local phone and cable companies. As long as both exist, prices will remain in check and performance will continue to improve. A lot has changed. Ten years ago, 3 Mbps was a selling point for cable modem. Now, speeds 100 times as fast are available.

PRI and DID:

PRI and Direct Inward Dial phone numbers are like an old couple that has been married for fifty plus years. I can’t think of one without the other. It used to be a company milestone to graduate from business phone lines to PRI. Outgrowing plain old telephone service meant your business was on the rise. Leasing a PRI and a block of one hundred DIDs gave a business a level of professionalism rivaling a prestigious street address. Like other older couples, these services are in their twilight years. More and more businesses are converting to SIP. Eventually, phone numbers will lose their geographical significance and resemble IP addresses.

VoIP and long distance:

The presence of voice over IP has made the cost of long distance an afterthought. It’s almost never a topic when pricing out a company’s phone service. It wasn’t too long ago when businesses utilized long distance T1s to bypass the local phone company’s termination fees. Now, any business can experience sub three cents per minute long distance rates with no monthly minimums or cost.

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