business phone linesA typical business phone line, from a company like Qwest, cost a business $40 a month or $480 dollars a year.  Many businesses have more than one fax line.  Some larger businesses have multiple sites with multiple fax lines.  If a business had 20 locations and two fax lines at each location.  That’s $19,200 a year wasted.  That’s not even counting the cost of maintenance, long distance, ink and paper.

If a business phone line runs $40 a month and a small business has between five and ten phone lines and one or two fax lines, then 10 to 20 percent of their telecom spend is related to maintaining fax lines.

Today, a $100 dollar printer has scanning capabilities, and it doesn’t take any more time to scan a document than it does to fax it.

Ditch your fax.

What do you do with a fax?  You file it in a folder, in a file cabinet, read it and throw it away or scan it and save it electronically.  So you create a fire hazard, create waste or add two steps to the process of saving a document electronically.

Electronic fax services offer virtual numbers that you can give out to people that still insist on faxing.  Received faxes show up in your email inbox, where you can read, save or delete them.

Faxing has been an issue with VoIP circuits.  What’s the remedy?  Scanning and emailing and the use of electronic faxing services.

Stop the madness!  Faxing is a waste of money and old fashioned.  It’s like writing a check at the grocery store or using a typewriter.  Do you want that image for your business?  Be green, save a tree, toss your fax machine.

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