CarrierBid can reduce your costs with your current wireless carrier.

CarrierBid offers a three step Wireless Expense Management, Wireless Cost Reduction and Mobility Management process that can produce substantial savings on a corporation’s Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint bills, with minimal time investment from our clients.

CarrierBid helped us reduce our wireless bill by over $1000 per month (25% savings) and we didn’t need to change providers or make sacrifices on service or equipment. The process wasn’t time consuming or difficult. I would recommend CarrierBid’s Wireless Expense Reduction program to any business looking for ways to reduce costs and improve its bottomline. 

– Shana J. Cale, Purchasing Manager, North County HealthCare

Program highlights:

  1. wireless cost reductionOkay if you’re under contract
  2. Retain your current carrier, equipment and account representation
  3. Less than 2 hours time required from client
  4. 10-45% savings potential

Specialty pricing:

  • Non published pricing
  • Group purchasing and leveraged specialty discounts
  • Innovative pooling techniques
  • Extensive industry experience

No risk, high reward:

  • No fee if savings threshold isn’t met
  • Fee is a percentage of savings
  • 2 short phone calls and three-months’ bill copy is all that is required

CarrierBid’s Value:

CarrierBid can help you with corporate cost control and corporate cost management with our enterprise wireless and mobility management plans.

existing clientsInsider Access:

  • Unpublished wireless pricing
  • Custom wireless rates and discounts


  • Eliminate wireless overcharges from International usage, roaming, voice, text and data discounts
  • Detailed roadmap


  • Maximize wireless savings
  • Leverage industry expertise


  • Increased transparency
  • Comprehensive analysis to develop customized best in class wireless pricing and terms

CarrierBid Offers:

  • Hard dollar savings – average 10-45% savings
  • Minimal time commitment – less than two hours of client involvement
  • Comprehensive diagnostics – audit, optimize and implement
  • No risk model – no fee if savings threshold isn’t met
  • Ongoing mobility management

Program Highlights:

  • Customer not affected by contractual status – we can still help if you’re under contract with Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint business wireless.
  • We can work with your IT Director or any other employee responsible for managing your technology. Minimum time investment required.
  • Access to non published business wireless pricing.
  • Less expensive, no deductible wireless device insurance plans available
  • Clients keep 100% of savings if 10% minimum savings is not achieved.
  • Existing clients include Hess Corporation, The Easter Seals and The Washington Post.

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