Our Name says it – WE HELP YOU DECIDE!

180+ Worldwide Supplier Partners

We help you make the right IT decisions that positively impact your business with the Best Pricing and Network Solutions available in the market today

We win when You win. CarrierBid leverages its vast carrier relationships to get highly aggressive quotes for your business at no cost to you. You get unbiased network design advice so that you can make the most informed decision before contracting.

Know Our Suppliers

What we are not!

What we are NOT!
NOT a Reseller
NOT “Maintaining Your Spend”
NOT Impacted by perpetual carrier Account Manager “Shuffle” (Do you know the names of your last five rep’s?)

Carrierbid is YOUR Master Agent. We give you honest comparisons to help you navigate the shark infested carrier waters. Most CarrierBid employees have previously worked for the carriers directly and have “Insider Information” that is used to your advantage.

Technology Solutions

The CarrierBid Process: We are YOUR Advocate Today AND for the Future

Define business objectives

Solution development

Negotiate: pricing & contracts

Project Management (all phases)

Trouble ticket management & Escalation

Continuous Supplier Contract Improvement

Development of RFP/RFI for renewal or new supplier

Are You Experiencing Repair Outages and Trouble Tickets?


CarrierBid helps escalate trouble tickets for quicker resolution.

CarrierBid is a premier master partner and has relationships in place with the carrier’s executive leadership to help with trouble escalation/resolution if needed.

CarrierBid understands each carrier’s internal processes to help you navigate to resolution in the quickest manner possible.

Don’t fight the battle alone and waste your valuable payroll dollars! Let CarrierBid leverage its carrier contacts and industry expertise for you today!

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