If your business is utilizing outdated phone equipment, Hosted VoIP may be the answer.

Hosted VoIP:

  • Requires little to no capital expenditure (some providers will even include most of the hardware for FREE!)
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Delivers the latest and greatest (without any effort on your part or your IT staff)
  • Offers built-in redundancy
  • Provides a small business with the functionality they would receive from an Enterprise-level business phone system
  • Provides large enterprises with one, easy to manage platform for all locations
  • Includes web portal access to manage MAC orders and call handling functionality

Receive all your services – phone service, equipment, and internet access – from one provider. When there is a problem, you’ll know who to call. Knowing the basics, and dos and don’ts of VoIP will always help you to get rid of the eminent hassle.

In the past, VoIP may have had a bad name due to call quality issues.  Now, even with DSL or Cable internet access, these past issues rarely occur due to the high bandwidth that is now available nationwide at very reasonable costs.

CarrierBid represents multiple Hosted VoIP providers and can offer a wide variety of pre-configured phone equipment makes and models.  It is shipped straight to the site, ready to “plug-n-play”.

With CarrierBid’s assistance, your Hosted VoIP system will be set up correctly. Your call quality will rival traditional phone service, your phone lines will be available when needed and you’ll receive “business class” internet access. If you are considering getting this service, it will be best to learn the pros and cons of VoIP first.

CarrierBid provides:

  • One-stop-shopping (bids from multiple providers)
  • Customized solutions
  • Lowest price possible
  • Project management
  • Ongoing customer support


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