CarrierBid offers a telecom Partner program  for  your telecom agency, MSP, VAR or Systems Integrator business thrive and drive additional revenue by helping your customers procure telecom, data networking and IT services. Imagine receiving a huge monthly residual income that grows simply by providing quotes (from multiple carriers) for services that are required by every business on the planet! Every business needs voice, data and  cloud services so why shouldn’t you benefit by helping them ?

Who Can Join Our Telecom Partner Program?

Our telecom partner program welcomes anyone who is involved in IT or related fields. If you work with IT decision-makers across any and all industries, we welcome you to our program. We find that our agents enjoy the most success when they have long-standing relationships with various levels of business IT managers and executives. 

If you’re in a business that markets software, hardware, internet access, MPLS, SD-WAN, Cloud services, UCaaS, CCaaS, hosting services, colocation, computer support services, cable installations, WiFi, wireless, cellular,  telecom bill audits, long-distance, SIP, Network Security telecom agent, etc. In short, anyone with IT relationships can apply to join our telecom partner program. If your business is focused on any related or unrelated service, you’ll likely be accepted into the program. We want to  partner with you. 

Carrierbid partner Program

The Benefit of Becoming an Agent of Carrierbid:

Become an Agent of CarrierBidBecome an Agent of CarrierBidCarrierbid has partnerships with more than 180 suppliers. We help you find out the perfect suppliers for your customer. Our telecom referral program is free to all. You can earn a decent amount monthly by becoming an agent of Carrierbid. The biggest benefit of becoming an agent is that you have the potential to unlock monthly residual passive income through the relationships that you already have. Please see the list below to know more about our other facilities for the agent of Carrierbid.

1. Partnership with multiple largest Suppliers:

We are a premier master agent for telecom and data networking carriers and have relationships with over 180 different providers including AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, Verizon, and many, many more. Most of our employees are previous “carrier insiders” so we know how the companies operate which enables us to use this knowledge for YOUR advantage! We’ll help you negotiate extremely low pricing for your customer as you bid the carriers against each other to secure the lowest rates available. This is one of the biggest advantages of using a master agent telecom like us.

2. Supplier Selection:

We help you choose the right supplier based on your customers’ needs. Our team will give a free telecom consultancy service to understand your clients needed then we will give a perfect decision.

3. No monthly minimum sales requirement:

You won’t lose your hard-earned commissions if you don’t make your sales quota since we don’t require a quota at all! So your earning amount is totally safe to us.

4. Evergreen Clause:

 We believe you should be paid on the deals you’ve sold so we won’t randomly stop your commissions like some other master agents.

5. Pre-sales Support:

Our team will help you get the quotes, secure the proper carrier resources, and ultimately sales the deal. The more you do, the higher the commissions (we’re flexible)!

6. Commission Tracking:

We use advanced technology to track your earnings. Our back-end tracking systems ensure proper commissions are paid to you. We manage the audit and carrier dispute process from end-to-end to protect your revenue.

7. Know What You’ll Be Paid:

We transparently tell you all of the commissions for each supplier so you’ll clearly understand what you’re going to be paid on each sale

8. Carrier Agnostic:

We’re not obligated to any one supplier. We believe your customers should get the best solution and unbiased service to meet their needs (not the whim of the carriers).

9. Save Time:

We’ll help you get a quick quote turn-around from the suppliers since many deals are often won or lost based on quote timing.

Carrierbid is here to assist you in winning the business both now and in the future. We only win when we properly support you and your efforts to expand your carrier business by becoming an agent of Carrierbid. We’re here for you!

By joining our partner program our agents are earning a good amount. Their clients have also reduced their telecom costs. So Both are benefited from our partner program. Please see H&R Telecom and our others successful partners’ testimonials to understand the benefit of our partner program. 

Our Telecom Partner’s Testimonials:

CarrierBid saved my client more than $500 a month and increased their internet speed exponentially. They provided a great deal of support throughout the installation and intervened on my customer's behalf to work through an issue with the carrier. My client is happy and I'll receive a residual commission for the length of my client's term.
Rick Bergami
Owner - EchoSystems Industries, LLC - Full-Service I.T. Support
CarrierBid makes it easy to offer my clients carrier services. They produce all the pricing and paperwork, manage the installation and provide ongoing customer support. My customers receive the best pricing and service available and I created an additional income stream. I'd recommend CarrierBid to any phone vendor or IT consultant.
Ron Phillips
Owner - Tel-Data West, Inc
CarrierBid is my go-to company for business phone and internet service pricing. I can email or call my contact morning, noon or night and receive a response back in minutes. I receive the pricing and paperwork I need in a timely manner and a lot of client support. I would recommend CarrierBid to any phone vendor or IT consultant looking for a quality referral partner in the telecom industry.
Jonathan Godley
Owner - H&R Telephones

FAQs About Becoming A Partner Or Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing or partner program is the process of earning a commission on a sale by promoting various products and services.

In short, anyone with IT relationships can apply to join our affiliate or partner program. If your business is focused on any related or unrelated service, you’ll likely be accepted into the program.

The biggest benefit of becoming a partner or affiliate is that you have the potential to unlock monthly residual passive income through the relationships that you already have.

Discover The Benefits

  • Easy set up
  • Sign an affiliate agreement
  • We split the commission with you

You will receive an amazing commission for every sale you refer to CarrierBid which will maximize your efforts.

Join our Partner programs right away. These programs are entirely free and require absolutely no commitment from you or your business. You are able to start and stop whenever you want.

We encourage our agent to contact us with all leads, questions or concerns and our team will walk with you through the entire process. All you need to do is to fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back in touch with you right away.

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