Are we resellers?

No, CarrierBid professionals are independent telecom and data networking brokers who represent their client’s best interests.

CarrierBid has agency relationships with over 180 leading cloud, Data Networking, Expense Management, Security, telephone, and internet service providers, so we can offer the best solutions to meet our customer’s specific needs and help you drive savings and new revenue to your business.

Why work through an agency?

CarrierBid professionals possess more industry experience than most carrier sales reps. When a direct rep makes a sale he or she is paid a one-time commission and then is required to go out and find new business; they have little incentive to help you after a sale is made. Carriers have high turnover, so most likely your rep won’t be around six months to a year after you started working with them. CarrierBid professionals earn a monthly residual commission from the carrier, not an upfront payment like a direct rep. If you become unhappy and cancel your service, CarrierBid compensation ends, so we have a vested interest in your long-term satisfaction.

Also, you can keep working with CarrierBid for the long term, even if you change providers. You’ll be working with someone that knows your company, your network infrastructure and the services you have in place; you won’t have to start from square one every time you’re assigned a new account team or want to change providers.


Will you be billed by CarrierBid or the carrier?

The bill for your business phone and internet services will come from the carrier. CarrierBid simply acts as an intermediary, to facilitate the procurement process, provide you with the lowest possible pricing and ongoing customer service.


Will a CarrierBid technician install the service?

No, the provider’s technician will install your service. Your installation will be managed by a CarrierBid Project Manager to assure it will be completed without complication. Our Project Managers monitor hundreds of business phone and internet service installations each year.  They know what to look out for and who to contact if there is an issue.

Will you pay more for working with CarrierBid?

No.  In fact, you’ll probably pay less. When we secure pricing from one of our providers, they know they’re in a competitive situation and need to put their best foot forward. If you were working directly with a sales rep from a carrier, you’re only going to see the pricing they want you to see. Typically, they offer “the flavor of the month”, the product or service they are receiving the most compensation to sell.

Why do carriers work with CarrierBid?

Every carrier has direct sales and an agent sales channel. Agents are only paid when they produce new business. A carrier’s direct team receives salary and benefits before they make one sale. Some providers don’t even have a direct sales channel because it’s too costly for the corporation. Agents don’t add to a carrier’s operating cost, they just bring in new business.

Carrierbid is the leading networking and telecom consulting firm with the goal of reducing telecom costs through audits and proper solutions.

CarrierBid utilizes a reverse auction process that results in the lowest pricing and most favourable terms possible.  Contact us now or fill out the form below for more information.

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