Business Phone Line Bill ConsolidationCarrierBid offers a four-step process to help large companies save money on their Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) or business phone line inventory:

  1. Business Phone Line (POTS) Reduction – CarrierBid can help you analyze your existing POTS inventory, to identify unnecessary phone lines that could be eliminated.
  2. Business Phone Line (POTS) Re-Pricing – We’ll investigate what volume pricing plans are available from your current carriers, including Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink, as well as shop your inventory with other providers. We’ll remove unused phone features and add feature packages to reduce the cost of phone line features, like Caller ID and Call Forwarding. CarrierBid will eliminate unnecessary and unwanted fees, such as Line Maintenance and third-party billing charges.
  3. Business Phone Line (POTS) Replacement – CarrierBid will help you determine what lines can be replaced with services like PRI VoIP and SIP. Many times, a company can experience substantial savings by making basic service adjustments.
  4. Business Phone Line (POTS) bill Consolidation and Aggregation – One of the largest expenses related to POTS is the administration costs associated with bill and inventory management. POTS Aggregators can consolidate your entire POTS inventory and offer one bill and one point of contact for all moves, adds and changes.

CarrierBid is your one-stop-shop for Business Phone Line (POTS) Consolidation. 

We have agency relationships with all the available business phone line (POTS) consolidators. Don’t waste time dealing with multiple carrier sales reps; CarrierBid doesn’t add to the service cost or charge a fee. Our professionals will look out for your best interests and provide line by line comparisons, to facilitate decision making, CarrierBid will provide service transition and ongoing customer support.

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