Most businesses simply no longer need to maintain a fax machine.

Owning a fax requires:

  • A fax machine ($100 to $1000)
  • Electricity (about $30 per year)
  • Paper ($30 per box)
  • Ink (ridiculously expensive)
  • A business phone line ($50 per month)

Most businesses receive a fax and then scan the document and store it electronically. Why not skip a step and receive or send the documents electronically?

With eFax, faxes can be sent from and received with an employee’s desktop.

  • No more fax related costs (electricity, ink, paper, phone lines, maintenance)
  • No more messy ink
  • No more fax solicitations

Switch to eFax.

With eFax, avoid all of the above and you keep your current fax phone number.

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