CarrierBid can help you reduce the cost of your company’s long distance and Toll Free and help remove the pain out of shopping.

CarrierBid offers:

  • Switched long distance – Intrastate and interstate long distance on your existing business
  •  phone lines or circuits.
  • Dedicated long distance Circumvents the incumbent provider (the local phone company) and their surcharges to offer the lowest rates possible.
  • SIP long distance and Toll Free– uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technologies to deliver calls at a low rate
  • VoIP long distance and Toll Free-utilizes VoIP technologies over the internet to make and receive calls
  • Toll Free – Incoming long distance, switched, dedicated, SIP or VoIP delivery methods.
  • International – CarrierBid can help you find the lowest rates available for the countries you call frequently.

We have over 180 carriers and service providers in our portfolio including carriers such as the “Big 3” (AT&T CenturyLink and Verizon) to other smaller wholesale long distance and toll free providers that may have their own network or may purchase long distance minutes in bulk, at a discount, and then resell the minutes to end users. These carriers utilize multiple carriers to insure redundancy, but offer a single agreement and invoice.  We have lots of options and can guide your business to the lowest cost solution to meet your needs.

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