Network security can be simply defined as the process of protecting data, applications, devices, and systems that are linked within the network. Network security creates a secure infrastructure for all of your devices and applications and protects the underlying networking infrastructure from misuse, theft, or any unauthorized access. In this blog, we will discuss the importance of network security and some common questions to ask when considering a provider for network security services.

Importance of Network Security:

As news headlines continually show, cybercrime is growing rapidly, and absolutely no organization is safe. Recently, Accenture found that there has been a 27.4% increase in annual data breaches.  Interestingly, 66% of organizations believe that their internal cybersecurity capabilities are sufficient to protect against threats, yet 80% of those same companies say they have been breached within the past 12 months (the average cost of a data breach just topped $3.86 million-2020). 28% of  customers said that they’d migrate their business to a competitor in the event of just a single disruption due to security vulnerabilities. These statistics and an increased awareness of cyber threats has made IT security a much higher priority in the eyes of business C-suite leadership and even company board of directors.

Add to that fact, digital transformation is happening quickly across every industry. As companies move to new technologies such as SD-WAN and  are connecting their networks to powerful cloud services and ecosystems, the results are improved customer interactions, better marketing, and faster strategy decisions by executives since they’re better able to utilize the data gathered from every portion of their network.

This dramatic transformation, however, without a solid plan, can produce vulnerabilities and open doors to cyberthreats.  Going virtual has its challenges, so companies of all sizes should consider working with a dedicated security provider and security consultant. These valuable resources offer up-to-date, expert guidance on plans, products, and services to protect an organization’s network, customers, and revenue.

As your partner in this complex and sometimes daunting area of cybersecurity, CarrierBid’s business telecom services will recommend and bring in an external security consultancy team from our 180+ supplier portfolio that can help evaluate the right solutions for your company’s unique environment. As you prepare and educate yourself, please review the common questions to ask when considering a security provider and also the available security product list below. Keep in mind that our services are free of charge to our clients, so please let us help you focus on cybersecurity rather than on reputation repair.

Questions to Ask When Getting Network Security Services:

  • What is their level of experience?
  • What is their reputation in the marketplace?
  • What are their costs?
  • Who are their current customers?
  • Do they have certifications?
  • Should I choose “Pure Players” (a different provider for each security service)?
  • Should I choose a single provider with multiple capabilities?
  • Does the provider have partnerships with government agencies to share information?
  • Can the provider complete a full and detailed risk assessment of my network?
  • Can the supplier provide cloud, network and premis based security solutions?
  • Does the supplier have visibility across the entire stack?
  • Can the supplier deploy Managed Trusted Internet Protocol (MTIPs) ports?
  • Does the supplier offer comprehensive 24x7x365 monitoring and incident response?


Top Data Security Services:

Anti-Malware Partner Supplier Assessment
Business Process Security Consulting Patch Management
Compliance Readiness Assessment Penetration Testing
Comprehensive Risk Assessments Program/Policy Design
Consulting Proxy Services
Cybersecurity Reporting Secure IP Gateway
Data and App Security Security Architecture Assessment / Design Services
DDoS Mitigation Security Assessments
Email Protection Security Asset Management
End Point Security Security Control Evaluations
Enhanced Cyber Security DSN Protection Security Device Management
Identity and Access Management Security Monitoring
Identity Services Staff Augmentation
Incident Management and Response Threat Intellect
Information Risk Management Consulting Threat Management
IoT Security Token Authentication
Log Management Trending and Threat Analysis
Managed Firewall Virtual Managed Firewalls
Managed IDS/IPS Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation
Mobile Security Web Application Firewall
Mobility Security Solutions (EMM) Web Content Filtering
Network Based Firewall Web defense
Network Security


CarrierBid will assist you as you as you navigate the complexities of these options and will bring the proper technical resources to the table which will enable you to make the best, most informed decision to drive your business higher. We’ve been in business since 2006–use our experience and intellectual property and we’ll assist and advise you with a comprehensive approach.  Whatever options you choose, the great news is that each of the solutions are customizable for each individual business requirement that you may have.

We have over 180 carriers and service providers to help you execute your mission to secure your business from cyberthreats and protect your valuable customers.  For immediate service, or to schedule an initial consultation, please call or fill out the form below and an expert will contact you right away.

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