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Carrierbid, One of the best networking and telecom consulting firms that provide business and telecommunication consultancy services. Our aim and telecom agent programs object are to reduce telecom costs by auditing them and giving the best solution in the telecom industry.

We are working as a telecom analyst and IT consulting firm that provides various types of services like telecom audit for reducing the cost of telecom, data networking and cloud storage solutions etc.

We are your true advocate and will provide viable options from our 180+ supplier portfolio. We’ll independently advise you and help decide which carrier is best for You.

Here’s why your business should choose CarrierBid as your carrier advocate:

  • Our company will provide free resources to your IT Team.
  •  You won’t have to do as our team deal with the carriers. 
  • CarrierBid never bills you for our services.
  • We are the “Kayak” for telecommunications and data networking services
  • We know the strengths and weaknesses of the suppliers.
  • Problem resolution assistance and escalation with the carriers Installation project management team resource.
  • We know which suppliers are available at your business locations.
  • Wireless bill audit and savings potential (revenue neutral since commissions are based on a savings and pricing reduction model).
  • Long-term relationships sustain our business which in turn helps you.

We’ll help you determine the best strategy, with accountability, trust and optimal solutions that are designed specifically for your business needs. We’ve been in the industry since 1994. Let us use our experience and intellectual property to assist and advise you with a holistic approach as we analyze your IT and business options. Those necessary features make us the best telecom consulting firm.

Why should you choose CarrierBid as your trusted advisor for all of your data networking services and telecommunication needs? See the video below to find out more.



Why We Are The Best Networking and Telecom Consulting Firm:

Our simple process will save you time and will limit the aggravation of working directly with technology carriers and service providers.

Our Proven Consulting Process as a Telecom analyst firm:

telecom procurement

  • A  meeting to discuss your goals and obtain the scope of your current services.
  • We’ll evaluate your current inventory of phone lines, WAN, internet access, private lines, MPLS, SD-WAN, SONET, Metro Optical Ethernet, optical wavelength, long-distance, etc.
  • A CarrierBid professional will shop your services with the relevant providers and provide you with a side-by-side comparison of your best options.
  • Typically our initial recommendations won’t require physical changes to your network or services to experience savings. (we call this “stroke of the pen” or optimization savings)
  • If you decide to move forward, CarrierBid’s project management team will monitor the installation of your new services.
  • We are providing telecom services in Hawaii, New York, North Carolina, and many other cities with 100% business satisfaction.

Free Telecom Consulting Service By CarrierBid:

Free Telecom Consulting Service

We offer free consulting services to our clients. If we were a fee-based largest telecom consulting firm, we would make a recommendation and then the chosen carrier would pay their sales representative a commission for placing the business.

You would end up paying our fee and the carrier would pay their sales rep. In our case, there is no charge since the carrier’s pay us a commission when you sign their agreement and place the order through our team. Trust us, you’ll have a much better experience with the carrier and we’re your advocate.

CarrierBid is a telecom and data network consulting firm that helps you choose the best carrier services for your enterprise or small business. You can always get a free audit as we are a Telecom audit firm here.  We maintain agency relationships with over 180 voice and data service providers and remain unbiased and carrier-neutral.

The Expertise Of A Telecom Audit Firm :

Telecom audit firm

All CarrierBid professionals are former phone and cable company Account Managers, Sales Engineers, Directors and Provisioning Experts.  They have received extensive training and possess years of experience. CarrierBid consultants have worked with every type of internet and telephony service, phone system and computer networking equipment.

CarrierBid telecom consultants can help you with the implementation of an MPLS network, transitioning to SIP trunks, conducting an RFP or completing a service and bill audit to discover savings. So You Must focus on it while you are taking service from the best telecom consulting firm CarrierBid utilizes a reverse auction process that results in the lowest pricing and most favourable terms possible

CarrierBid Named to CenturyLink Advisory Council:

CarrierBid Named to CenturyLink Advisory Council

Matt Brown, Principal of CarrierBid Communications, was named as a new member of CenturyLink’s Business Partner Program’s Advisory Council. The Advisory Council was established to be the voice of CenturyLink’s indirect sales channel.  The council convenes to help shape CenturyLink’s pricing, products, rules of engagement, compensation and ordering policies.

Matt’s participation should help CarrierBid better serve their clients and customers.  The position helps CarrierBid establish and maintain professional relationships with CenturyLink representatives that will lead to better customer service and pricing.

CarrierBid Article Published in the Philadelphia Business Journal:

CarrierBid Article Published in the Philadelphia Business JournalLearn the secrets behind Third Party Billing, Auto Renews, purchasing an Internet T1, telecom “resellers”, Voice over IP, Account Manager compensation, telecom billing and so-called streamlined contra

Achievement as The Best Telecom Analyst Firm:

CarrierBid cofounder, John Gelhard’s article, 8 Telecom Secrets and What They Mean to Your Business was published in the May 2nd edition of the online version of the Philadelphia Business Journal. In this Journal We have been declared as the best telecom Analyst Firm.

How IT Professionals Can Help By CarrierBid:

Lisa is an IT Director at a good-sized company. She has a problem and searching for A Largest IT Consulting Firm. Her company wants to update its technology and infrastructure. To reduce costs she’s being pulled in ten different directions. Simple works help us to become the best IT consulting firm. Anyone can get free telecom consulting services to CarrierBId. Lisa found a solution. CarrierBid! Like Lisa, You will also get the solution to reduce the cost of Telecom and IT Solution.


CarrierBid handles the ongoing efforts of ensuring the accuracy for best service implementation. We can assist you with every step of the telecom cost reduction system and installation from the roadmap phase to the overview. Our services will help you to make a good decision about telecom bill reduction and business consultation.

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