CarrierBid partners with multiple independent third-party toll-free RespOrgs to provide clients a multicarrier routing arrangement that no single carrier solution can match. Before getting into the benefits of using a third-party RespOrg service, we would like to introduce you to a few common terms related to toll-free numbers.

Toll-Free Number Terminology That You Need To Know

Toll-Free Number Terminology That You Need To Know

The two most common terms that you should be aware of are RespOrg & Underlying Carrier. So, let’s explain what these mean.


RespOrg stands for Responsible Organization. As the name suggests, these RespOrgs are responsible for helping business customers manage their toll free numbers within the Somos database. Somos Inc is a private company chosen by the FCC who is responsible for maintaining and managing the toll free database across the United States. RespOrgs have access into this database to determine how to route calls. Most RespOrgs typically provide toll free service to their customers as well. Examples would be carriers such as AT&T, Lumen and Verizon. RespOrgs can also be resellers, end-user customers or third-party independent companies. As a RespOrg, these companies, (along with hundred of others) all have access to the toll free database that contains information regarding the CIC (aka "kick") code(s) which tell them how to route a particular incoming toll free call. In a nutshell, below are the main responsibilities of a RespOrg: Maintaining the Toll-free number database, Keep a record of assigned and unassigned numbers, Assign the numbers to businesses, "Port" business’ existing toll-free numbers from one carrier to another, Call routing & rerouting

Underlying Carrier (ULC)

A RespOrg can provide long distance toll free services or may simply be more like a manager of toll-free numbers (in the case of a 3rd Party RespOrg). A telephone carrier, also known as the Underlying Carrier (ULC), is the company who is responsible for the routing of the toll free number to its final destination. A ULC provides telecom-related services and they typically own the telecom network through which your calls travel. An independent RespOrg can provide the toll-free numbers and subsequently route those calls to one or multiple carriers. So, you get to choose which carriers meet your requirements, redundancy, and cost parameters best. Further, as independent RespOrgs deal with nearly all carriers, they give you access to many more options and will also help you "port" your numbers to their platform. So, for example, if you are currently using AT&T as your toll-free number carrier, you might approach an independent 3rd party RespOrg to switch to their service which would give you access to AT&T AND Verizon at the same time. In this example, you may want to split your traffic 50%-50%.

Benefits Of Using a 3rd Party RespOrg Service:

CarrierBid always partners with high-quality service providers that we’ve vetted and worked with for many years. We have multicarrier RespOrg options who will provide you the added benefits outlined below:

Least Cost Routing

1. Least Cost Routing:

We enable you to seamlessly route your toll-free numbers using complex algorithms and mapping to take advantage of the best possible pricing. As the RespOrg offers a multiple-carrier solution, you can route calls to different carriers at various times of the day and allocate calls based on percentages. This kind of routing helps you achieve the best quality of service and pricing blend throughout the day. Even if your toll-free service is currently under contract, CarrierBid can assist you so you can remain in compliance and benefit from least cost routing.

2. Disaster Recovery:

Another advantage of the multicarrier approach is that you minimize downtime and provide real-time disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster that causes your toll-free carrier to go down, your toll-free traffic can be rerouted to a secondary carrier within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your toll-free numbers are shielded from intermittent or catastrophic problems at your ULC's end. Your valuable customers will always be able to reach you, no matter what.

3. Control your own Toll Free Number Inventory and GET Negotiation LEVERAGE:

You don't have to be at the mercy of your ULC toll free provider! By using this service, you're in control and can log into the portal to make changes within minutes. By using a 3rd party RespOrg, you now have leverage to press your carriers to lower your toll free rates since they know that you can move away from them with just a few clicks.

What You Need To Do To Route Through One of Our Toll-free RespOrg Service Providers:

The routing of every toll-free number is controlled by the Service Management System (SMS).  CarrierBid helps you migrate your toll free numbers (without any downtime!) and we help you build routing templates to ensure two more more CIC codes are set up for each number. Here is an overview of the process:

  1. Contact CarrierBid about RespOrg service
  2. We’ll quote and provide recommendations
  3. We set up portal demo’s for each provider
  4. Chose a provider and sign their agreement 
  5. You’ll be provided with a RespOrg ID.
  6. We help you change the RespOrg ID for all of your numbers so that your current carrier will release them to your RespOrg ID.
  7. Provide routing data for your toll-free numbers.
  8. Carrier Identification Codes (CIC), are updated within the Somos SMS.
  9. That information is forwarded to Service Control Points and the service providers across the US.
  10. Your future toll-free traffic is directed in the way you specify that maximizes savings and offers pre-established redundancy.

How Can CarrierBid Help You Solve Telecom Problems?

We have decades of experience in this area and can help you navigate the Toll-Free world. The great news is that we never charge our customers for our service which makes choosing CarrierBid a simple, risk-free choice.


Your Advocate

CarrierBid acts as an advocate for your business and will help you choose the best 3rd party independent RespOrg. We work the way you want to work! We can complete all of the negotiations on your behalf or we’re happy to work along side of your IT staff and legal team.

Appropriate solution for your business

Small businesses have to stop their workflow to devote time to learn about all of the overwhelming options and large businesses have to bear the costs of an in-house telecom team to investigate the service thoroughly. CarrierBid resolves both problems by working with you and the independent RespOrg to design the best solution.

Who Can Benefit From CarrierBid’s Help in Choosing a 3rd Party Toll-Free RespOrg Service?

Every business who relies on toll-free for new sales and customer service can benefit from our expertise. Does your business fall into any of the below categories?

  • Do you have call centers?
  • Is keeping toll free calling up and running critical to your business?
  • Do you have lots of toll free numbers to manage?
  • Do you generate new business from incoming calls?

The CarrierBid Promise

The CarrierBid team is always there to assist our clients to the best of our abilities. We partner with top providers in the industry to offer the most reliable service to our clients. 

We help you make the right IT decisions that positively impact your business with the Best Pricing and Network Solutions available in the market today

We win when You win. We leverage carrier relationships to get highly aggressive quotes for you and at no cost for our service. You get unbiased network design advice so that you can make the most informed decisions.

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