CarrierBid telecom consulting partners with an independent toll-free RespOrg to provide its clients a multicarrier routing arrangement that no single carrier solution can provide. This helps in maximizing the way your business’ toll-free RespOrg service works.

Before getting into the benefits of our RespOrg service, we would like to introduce you to a few common terminologies related to toll-free numbers. These will help you assess the importance and the need of our service and, in turn, help you gauge whether your business needs this service or not.

Toll-Free Number Terminology That You Need To Know

Toll-Free Number Terminology That You Need To Know

The two most common terms that you, as a business, should be aware of are RespOrg & Underlying Carrier. So, let’s explain to you what these mean.


A RespOrg is a portmanteau for Responsible Organization. So as the name suggests, these RespOrgs are responsible for maintaining a database of toll-free numbers. Along with that, they even keep a track or a record of the statuses of toll-free numbers, so that they can be assigned to the businesses seeking them. As a natural outcome of maintaining this database, they even assign the toll-free numbers to the businesses in need. While assigning toll-free numbers and maintaining the database is one aspect of RespOrg’s responsibility, RespOrgs even assist the businesses by porting their toll-free numbers from one carrier to another. Further, RespOrgs also work towards call routing once the toll-free numbers are assigned to your business. They have the capabilities of routing and rerouting the incoming calls so that you get the best quality of service. So, in a nutshell, below are the responsibilities of a RespOrg: Maintaining the Toll-free number database Keep a record of assigned and unassigned numbers Assign the numbers to the businesses Port business’ existing toll-free numbers from one carrier to another Call routing & rerouting Therefore, if you are a business requiring a toll-free number, you either approach a telephone carrier or a RespOrg.

Underlying Carrier (ULC)

RespOrg is more like a manager of toll-free numbers. It is not the owner or the service provider of those numbers. A telephone carrier, also known as the Underlying Carrier (ULC), is the owner of the number. ULC provides telecom-related services; they own the telecom network through which your calls travel. A RespOrg can provide the toll-free numbers of multiple carriers, so you get to choose which carrier meets your requirement the best. Further, as RespOrg is dealing with several carriers, it also helps you port your number. So, for example, if you are currently using AT&T as your toll-free number carrier, you might approach RespOrg to switch to Verizon. Some RespOrgs also function as a ULC and vice versa, so it is not necessary that the two are always different; these can be two revenue streams to the same organization.

How Can CarrierBid Help You To Solve Telecom Problems?

With the knowledge of important Toll-Free number terminology, it is easier to place CarrierBid’s services.



CarrierBid acts as an intermediary between your business and the RespOrg. Even with RespOrg providing you multicarrier services, you still have to give time to get the services you need.

Appropriate solution for your business

Small businesses have to stop their workflow to devote time and large businesses have to bear the costs of an in-house telecom team to get the service. CarrierBid resolves both problems by working with the business and the RespOrg to devise the most appropriate solution.

Updated industry solutions

Further, as this is one of the services, we keep ourselves updated on the industry movements. This helps us in providing our clients the most updated solutions.

Who Can Benefit From CarrierBid’s Toll-Free RespOrg Service?

Every business seeking a toll-free number or a better quality of service can approach CarrierBid for consultation. If your business falls in any of the below categories, then you are most likely to benefit from our services:

  • Companies with call centers
  • Companies with significant toll-free traffic
  • Companies with numerous toll-free numbers

However, the above is not an exhaustive list, and we are always ready to help anyone who approaches us, be it a small or an established business.

The Benefits Of Using CarrierBid’s RespOrg Service Services:

CarrierBid always partners with businesses that service our clients by offering them the best possible solutions to meet their needs. With the multicarrier RespOrg partnership, we are able to provide you the below benefits:

Least Cost Routing

1. Least Cost Routing:

We enable you to seamlessly route your toll-free numbers using complex algorithms and mappings to take advantage of the best possible pricing. As the RespOrg offers a multiple-carrier solution, you can route calls to different carriers at different times of the day and allocate calls based on percentages. This kind of routing helps you achieve the best quality of service and pricing blend throughout the day. Even if your toll-free service is currently under contract, CarrierBid can assist you so you can remain in compliance and benefit from the least cost routing.

2. Disaster Recovery:

Another advantage of the multicarrier approach is that you minimize the downtime and provide real-time disaster recovery. In the event of a disaster that causes your toll-free carrier to go down, CarrierBid can have your toll-free traffic rerouted to a secondary carrier within minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your toll-free numbers are shielded from the intermittent problems at your carrier's end. Your customers will always be able to reach you, no matter what.

3. Reduce Toll-Free MRC's:

You don't pay based on the number of calls you receive. You pay a fixed charge for the number of toll-free numbers you have. This reduces your costs of maintaining toll-free numbers. By associating with us, you pay a low monthly rate, determined by your quantity of toll-free numbers. Your only extra expense occurs when you request a change to your toll-free routing.

What You Need To Do To Route Through Our Toll-free RespOrg Service:

The routing of every toll-free number is controlled by the Service Management System (SMS).  CarrierBid provides you an interface between your company and the SMS. You need to follow the below steps to avail our rerouting services:

  1. Contact CarrierBid about RespOrg service.
  2. You’ll be provided with a RespOrg ID.
  3. Send a request to your current RespOrg to release your numbers to your RespOrg ID.
  4. Provide routing data for your toll-free numbers.
  5. CarrierBid will forward the information, including the Carrier Identification Code (CIC), to the SMS.
  6. That information is forwarded to Service Control Points and the local phone company.
  7. Your future toll-free traffic is directed in the way you specify that maximizes savings and offers pre-established redundancy.

CarrierBid, The Most Reliable RespOrg Service Providers

We at CarrierBid are always there to assist our clients to the best of our potential. We partner with the best in the industry to offer the most reliable service providers to our clients.

Further, we are always there to honestly assist you in analyzing whether you require our consultancy. We give you the pros and cons of availing our services, but the final decision is always yours, so feel free to contact us any time. You can fill the web form or give us a call or drop us an email, and we are ready at your service.

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