Through our 180 supplier relationships, we offer hundreds of data networking services to meet your business needs (See the partial list below). We start by Data Networking Servicesevaluating your current situation and holistically reviewing all aspects of the project goals.

Questions to ask when evaluating data network designs?

  • What will the network be used for? Who are the end customers?
  • How much network downtime can you tolerate? What are your pain points today?
  • Do you want to manage everything yourself or outsource?
  • Do I need to scale as my network as demands increase? If so, how much?
  • How will you split your users traffic into various security-based groups?
  • Do you need a primary and secondary circuit at each location?
  • Do you need diverse routing for the primary and secondary circuits?
  • Is Ethernet over Coper (EoC) a requirement? What handoff types are required by my routers and switches?
  • Do you want a router managed by the provider?
  • Do you need more than one VLAN or EVC?
  • Is BGP needed? Is QoS needed to enable voice services such as SIP or PRI?
  • What circuit speeds are required?
  • What are the security levels needed with each service?
  • Do you need guest internet access? Do you need a wireless backup solution?
  • What is your budget?

Don’t worry, we can definitely help you answer the questions above and help you determine whether you need MPLS or SONET, Metro Ethernet, Private Line, SD-WAN, VPN or some other available technologies. We’ve been in the industry since 1994–use our experience and intellectual property and we’ll assist and advise you with a holistic approach as you analyze your data and networking service options. 


Data Networking Services Offered via CarrierBid’s Suppliers (Partial List)

10 GigE Ethernet Internet Access Log Management
100 GigE Ethernet Internet Access Managed Disaster Recovery Services
AppFog/td> Managed LAN
Application Protection Managed Router Solutions
Authentication Metro Ethernet
AVPN Metro Ethernet Private Line
Bare Metal Metro Private Line
Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Microsoft Office 365
Business Class Email Microsoft Sharepoint
Business Continuity – Enterprise Recovery Services Migration planning
Business DSL Internet Services – Broadband IPDSL-vDSL MOE
Business Fiber MPLS
Cable Internet Access NetBond
Cloud Internet Access Network Based Firewall
Content Delivery Network Based IP VPN Remote Access
Cybersecurity Consulting Network Based Security (NBS)
Cybersecurity Rating Network Integration – Business Continuity
Dark Fiber Network Operations Center as a Service (NOCaaS)
DDoS Defense Network Outsourcing
DDoS Mitigation Servie Network Security with Internet Access
Dedicated Ethernet Online Fax
Dedicated Internet OPT-E-WAN
Dedicated Internet – TDM Optical Wavelength (OWS)
Dedicated Internet on Demand Premise Based Firewall
DS1 Private Line
DS3/T3 Internet Access Private Line domestic
E-Line Private Line International
Encryption Services Proxy Services
Endpoint Security Service Puerto Rico Ethernet
Enhanced Cybersecurity Service Puerto Rico Giga-Bit Ethernet (GigE)
EPLS-WAN Pure Business Internet
Ethernet Internet Access Recovery-as-a-Service
Ethernet Private Line Remote Backup as a Service
Fast Ethernet Internet Access Remote IT Support
Fiber + and Fiber + Enterprise Secure Email Gateway
Fiber Cable Internet Access Security – DDoS Defense
FiOS Security – Proxy Services NI
Firewall Security Services Security Device Management
Geomax Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
GigE Ethernet Internet Access SONET Ring Service
Global Managed Internet Service Switched Ethernet
Global Video Service Switched Ethernet – Network On Demand
High Speed Internet Threat Manager
Hybrid WAN Threat Manager – Enterprise Forensics
Intercity Wavelength Virtual Network Services (VNS)
Internet Access VPLS
Internet Protect VPN
Intrusion Detection WAN Acceleration
Intrusion Detection – Non-US Billed^ Wavelength Channel Service
IPVPN Wavelengths
IQ and IQ + WebEx Service
IRU Wi-Fi – Enterprise
Line of site WiFi based analytics
Local Access WiFi Managed or Unmanaged
Location based analytics Wireless Backup Service


CarrierBid has over 180 carriers and service providers available to help you execute your mission to deliver great service to your business and valuable customers. We’ve been in the industry since 1994—Let us use our experience and intellectual property to assist and advise you with a holistic approach as we analyze your IT and business options.

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