Fact: nearly every person visiting your venue or store owns a smartphone. When a customer enters your venue, you’ll immediately gather valuable information that can be used in your marketing efforts (whether they’re using your free WiFi or not).

We will help you install high-speed internet access and a new customer WiFi network or leverage your existing WiFi infrastructure to drive NEW REVENUE to your business. CarrierBid’s location analytics vendors and marketing partners have made it possible to get WiFi location analytics and marketing solutions activated quickly at minimal costs.

With patent-pending software and services, you’ll target your customers with actionable offers and marketing campaigns while they’re visiting your venue AND when they’ve gone home. Our solution increases revenue now, entices additional and repeat customers while your management team gets detailed analytics to help you better understand your valuable customers and design specific hyper-personalized marketing campaigns.

Five-Step Process to GROW Revenue and KNOW Your Customers:

  1. Offer Free & Fast Guest WiFi: Enable easy log-on via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  2. Reach Their Network of Friends: Through Social Media Activity
  3. Collect WiFi Analytics: Build Detailed Customer Profiles to Understand Them Better
  4. Location Aware WiFi: Examine How Customers Move Around Your Venue (Campaigns Based on Location!)
  5. Ongoing Marketing: Offer hyper-personalized and timely offers to build loyalty & increase spend


Increase Revenue: Customers Spend More While Visiting & Become Valuable Repeat Customers

Partner Advertising Sponsorships: If Desired, Advertisers will Pay for the Whole System!

Don’t miss the fact that you can quickly pay back this investment through partner advertising sponsorships. You’ll generate $5000-$8000 per month in advertising revenue to quickly pay for the initial network and hardware costs. In 3-12 months, the WiFi network actually becomes a new profit center for the business!

The system provides REAL RESULTS:

  • Promotional offers drive new and return foot traffic
  • Automated “Drip” campaigns result in additional booked events or parties
  • Enable customers to pay you quickly and easily with “Buy Now” offers
  • You’ll turn website visitors into real paying customers
  • System metrics give you complete visibility to track marketing success
  • Increase repeat customers (they’re SEVEN TIMES more profitable than new customers!)
  • Identify high dwell areas and queue lengths to increase immediate marketing and change physical spaces
  • Trigger proximity marketing to advertise specific products as the customer moves about your venue
  • Footfall and heat mapping
  • Book more appointments. More revenue
  • Increase revenue from special occasions, holidays and birthdays
  • Entice customers to stay longer and spend more
  • Monetize your web presence and website
  • Provide actionable data for the store manager to the executive C-suite.
  • Encourage App Downloads
  • Sell more gift cards
  • Rise above the competition


CarrierBid’s WiFi and location aware technology experts are available to you free of charge to help you execute your mission to deliver great service to your business and valuable customers. We’ve been in business since 2006—Let us use our experience and intellectual property to assist and advise you with a holistic approach as we analyze your IT and business options. To schedule an initial consultation, please call or fill out the form below.


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