Our Values:

CarrierBid’s goal is to serve our customers well while highly valuing our employees and business partners. We know that people need to work but we believe that our faith and families come first. When we have our priorities correct, we’ll have a better work life balance and will be positioned for long-term success. Life isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon. This proper balance makes us better people and enables us to serve our customers to our fullest abilities since our employees are physically, mentally and emotionally in a winning state.

At CarrierBid, we invest in quality people who enjoy working and excellence in all that they do. We encourage a fun and exciting work environment where relationships matter with our customers and between our employees and managers. Our employees value our flexibility and the autonomy of working with our company.

Our Principles:

Faith and Family First
Work is necessary but it follows after.

Customer Empathy
We see the world through our customers’ eyes.

We honor our customers and those with whom we work.

Humility is noble and valued because we all make mistakes.

We act and think like owners in all that we do.

We speak the truth even when it may be difficult.

We pursue learning and development because it is good for us and for those around us.

Giving Back
We look for opportunities to give back to our colleagues and the world around us.

We allow and understand mistakes. Otherwise, we might remain stagnant and creativity may disappear.

Create Value
We prioritize and quickly move and make changes to create value for CarrierBid, the community and our world.

Work from Anywhere

We don’t ask you to move to work at CarrierBid. We use technology to integrate you into our team. We value talent wherever it is located across the globe. We love when our employees do great work from an environment that they enjoy.

Will you come join our team and help us change the IT world one customer at a time?

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