CarrierBid can help your company design, implement and reprice your Multi Protocol Label Multi Protocol Label SwitchingSwitching (MPLS) network. We can help your company conduct a Request For Pricing (RFP), evaluate the carrier responses and project manage the installation of your new network.

Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) is one of the most preferred network design technologies used today.

Multi Protocol Label Switching is a private IP network that facilitates real time traffic like Voice over IP (VoIP) and video. It empowers an organization to centralize their voice and internet sources, their firewalls, routing and phone equipment, for increased security and cost savings. MPLS is fully meshed, completely scalable and offers the same throughput and is as secure as Private Line.

CarrierBid can help your business design and implement a MPLS network. We represent all the leading providers, so we’re able to provide your organization with multiple pricing quotes and contract term and design options.

If your organization has an existing network approaching contract term, CarrierBid can facilitate the RFQ process and carrier migration. In some circumstances, carrier migration doesn’t require physical change to your network.

MPLS Features and Benefits:

The features and benefits of MPLS network are endless. Below are some of the features of MPLS:

Fully Meshed:

Multi Protocol Label Switching is a Fully Meshed, any to any network; when a new site is added, it can communicate with any other site on your network.

Fully Scalable:

Multi Protocol Label Switching is Fully Scalable.  Adding a new site doesn’t require reprogramming all the network routers.

Class of Service (CoS)

Multi Protocol Label Switching provides Class of Service which assigns a higher priority for real time network traffic, like voice and video, over standard, less time sensitive data traffic.

Quality of Service (QoS):

Quality of Service is a standard that assures quality voice communication over the internet.


Multi Protocol Label Switching is as private and secure as point to point circuits.

Equipment Monitoring, Maintenance and Management:

All the sources of your voice and data services can be centralized. One entry point to your network allows for greater security and facilitates network and equipment management.

Economies of Scale:

Voice and internet circuits, routers, firewalls, software and data storage can be purchased in aggregate.

Network Sharing, Backup and Security:

All files and software can be cloud based, centralized and shared. Sensitive company files can be exchanged between employees within a secure and private intranet.

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