In today’s times, it is like stating the obvious that every business needs the internet. However, the options, price ranges, technical terms, service contracts, and all other factors make choosing the right business internet service a tough decision.

There are so many things to consider when you decide on picking the most appropriate internet service and service provider. Most times, it happens that you only think of your present needs or pick the internet your neighbor has or a friend suggests. While that can work for some, it is the recipe for an impending disaster for many businesses.

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Why Going To An Internet Consultant Is A Good Idea For Your Business?

To Pick The Right Service & Provider

Thorough research should go into picking the right service and the right service provider, and it is not simple nor does it sound so. There are so many internet terminologies that can boggle your mind. Even if you are technically sophisticated, there are so many competitive providers that you’re bound to get confused.

To Get The Best Price

Therefore, it is a good idea to consult a telecom and business internet consultant such as CarrierBid. We work with close to 180 service providers for all kinds of services and possess the technical know-how to get you the best service at the best prices in the industry.

To Sit Back & Relax

When you hire us, you leave your internet woes to us. You can sit back and relax, and we will take it from there. However, you must know, we work as a fiduciary and, therefore, in our client’s best interest. Telecom and internet providers are secondary for us. We work for you.

Why Us To Get The Best Internet Services For Your Business?

CarrierBid is essentially your representative. We get the best high-speed internet service providers suiting your business requirements and make them give the most competitive prices or plans to you. To understand who we are, have a look at the below bullets:
why choose our business internet services

We Are Not A Reseller, Aggregator, Or VAR:

We work for clients and not for service providers. Coming to us is like coming to your know-it-all friend who has your best interest in mind.

Dedicated Team & Project Managers:

Our team consists of experts in all forms of IT services. When you hire us, you are in safe hands.

Unbiased Advice And Honest Comparisons:

We believe in ethical business, and therefore, we don’t give biased opinions when we present to you the bouquet of appropriate providers. Further, we don’t obligate you to pick any service provider. Ultimately it is your decision to select the best business internet plan.

We Leverage Our “Insider Information”

‘Caveat Emptor’ is a global business norm. If a buyer is not aware, the seller will naturally try to oversell or overcharge. CarrierBid is your eyes and ears in the industry. We make sure that no service provider is trying to dupe you because we have been in the industry for decades and know it in and out.

We Bid The Internet Suppliers Against Each Other:

We bargain for you. If you go to an Internet Supplier, he will ensure that he maximizes his margins. What we do is that we get quotes for all the appropriate suppliers in the industry, and we inform them about it. As they know that they face stiff competition, they minimize their margins and give you the best possible quotes. After that, we compare those quotes for you and put forward the ones we think offer the best service at the best rate.

Our team consists of experts in all forms of IT services. When you hire us, you are in safe hands.

When you come to CarrierBid, we manage everything for you end to end. Below are some of the steps of our generic process flow. These can vary based on the business internet services you require:
why select carrierbid - a team of telecom experts

1. Understanding The Problem:

At the beginning, you will explain to us what is the problem you are facing or what is the service you are seeking. It is just a raw version of what you think you need. You don't need to know any technical terms to state your problem; we will ask you everything we need to understand what you need.

2. Solution Development:

After understanding your requirements, we will come up with possible solutions. For instance, if you state that you are a small business but growing with one remote team and have VoIP (Voice over IP) requirements, we will come up with the most appropriate internet services for your small business. We will consider the industry dynamics and suggest the best solutions. We will also explain to you all the possible options till you narrow down on a few services for your business.

3. Negotiation:

Once you have narrowed down the services, we will seek quotes from the internet service providers, bargain for the best prices, bid providers against each other, and get the most favorable terms.

4. Project Management:

Once we have all the quotes, we will compare them and suggest to you the best providers. You can ask us any queries, and we will supply that information. Finally, we will help you decide on the perfect provider and undertake the project management steps to install the service on your premises.

5. After-Sale Offerings:

We won’t leave you to deal with the internet service provider once the project is complete.
We provide all kinds of post-sale services, some of which are:
a. If you face any trouble, you will contact us, and we will get the provider to troubleshoot it for you.
b. We will also review your bills to see if the provider is charging you appropriately.
c. Once your internet service contract comes to an end, we will negotiate better terms for you.
d. We will develop RFP or RFI for your contract renewal, and the above cycle will continue as long as you wish to avail our services.

CarrierBid’s Internet Services For Your Businesses Portfolio

We have a portfolio of close to 180 providers for all kinds of business internet services, including:


A wired networking solution, including various forms, such as LAN, MAN & WAN, working on a common protocol in a given geographical location. To connect to the internet using Ethernet technology, you need to plug in the ethernet cable to your device. It is an excellent option for larger offices with several computers accessing data-rich content over the internet.


It is a method of accessing the internet, wherein the data packets are transferred over the telephone lines. The most common form of DSL is ADSL, where the upload and download speeds are not the same.

Cable Internet:

It is a form of broadband internet that uses the cable TV infrastructure to deliver internet from the ISP to the end-user. Just as DSL uses telephone networks, cable internet uses cable TV networks.

Satellite Internet:

When the internet is delivered via communication satellites, it is known as the Satellite internet. To achieve higher speeds, Satellite internet is currently being provided by geostationary satellites.

T1, Integrated T1 & Bonded T1:

T1 uses an optical fiber framework to deliver internet and higher speed. It is split into 24 channels to prioritize traffic and achieve higher speed. Integrated T1 is another variation of T1 that combines voice and data into a single framework. When multiple T1 lines are combined, they form Bonded T1.

Digital Subscriber 3 (DS3):

DS3, also known as the T3 line, is the internet delivery mechanism via the 75-ohm coaxial cables and BNC connectors.

Optical Carrier:

Optical Carrier uses fiber optics for internet delivery and works on the SONET protocol, which implies synchronous upload and download speeds. We can connect you to OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192, OC768 providers.

5G Internet:

5G is the fifth generation of global wireless or broadband cellular and internet network that delivers greater bandwidth, higher download speed approximated at 10Gbps.
Along with that, we constantly evaluate the industry developments and come up with the best business internet providers in the present times. So, you can check out our rankings and the reasoning behind that and decide which one suits you the best. If you want to know about our services, below is the partial list of the data and network services we deal in:
10 GigE Ethernet Internet Access Log Management
100 GigE Ethernet Internet Access Managed Disaster Recovery Services
AppFog/td> Managed LAN
Application Protection Managed Router Solutions
Authentication Metro Ethernet
AVPN Metro Ethernet Private Line
Bare Metal Metro Private Line
Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) Microsoft Office 365
Business Class Email Microsoft Sharepoint
Business Continuity – Enterprise Recovery Services Migration planning
Business DSL Internet Services – Broadband IPDSL-vDSL MOE
Business Fiber MPLS
Cable Internet Access NetBond
Cloud Internet Access Network Based Firewall
Content Delivery Network Based IP VPN Remote Access
Cybersecurity Consulting Network Based Security (NBS)
Cybersecurity Rating Network Integration – Business Continuity
Dark Fiber Network Operations Center as a Service (NOCaaS)
DDoS Defense Network Outsourcing
DDoS Mitigation Servie Network Security with Internet Access
Dedicated Ethernet Online Fax
Dedicated Internet OPT-E-WAN
Dedicated Internet – TDM Optical Wavelength (OWS)
Dedicated Internet on Demand Premise Based Firewall
DS1 Private Line
DS3/T3 Internet Access Private Line domestic
E-Line Private Line International
Encryption Services Proxy Services
Endpoint Security Service Puerto Rico Ethernet
Enhanced Cybersecurity Service Puerto Rico Giga-Bit Ethernet (GigE)
EPLS-WAN Pure Business Internet
Ethernet Internet Access Recovery-as-a-Service
Ethernet Private Line Remote Backup as a Service
Fast Ethernet Internet Access Remote IT Support
Fiber + and Fiber + Enterprise Secure Email Gateway
Fiber Cable Internet Access Security – DDoS Defense
FiOS Security – Proxy Services NI
Firewall Security Services Security Device Management
Geomax Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN)
GigE Ethernet Internet Access SONET Ring Service
Global Managed Internet Service Switched Ethernet
Global Video Service Switched Ethernet – Network On Demand
High Speed Internet Threat Manager
Hybrid WAN Threat Manager – Enterprise Forensics
Intercity Wavelength Virtual Network Services (VNS)
Internet Access VPLS
Internet Protect VPN
Intrusion Detection WAN Acceleration
Intrusion Detection – Non-US Billed^ Wavelength Channel Service
IPVPN Wavelengths
IQ and IQ + WebEx Service
IRU Wi-Fi – Enterprise
Line of site WiFi based analytics
Local Access WiFi Managed or Unmanaged
Location based analytics Wireless Backup Service
This is just a partial list; no matter what your requirement is, CarrierBid is your one-stop solution. We are your technical consultant, and we take great pride in it. For immediate service or to schedule an initial free consultation, please call or fill out the form below, and an expert will contact you right away.

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