CarrierBid is a full service telecom consulting firm that will save you money on your business phone and internet services.

telecom consulting and procurement servicesOur simple process will save you time and from the aggravation of working directly with the phone company and its competitors.

The CarrierBid Savings Process:

  • A  meeting to discuss your goals and obtain the scope of your current services.
  • We’ll evaluate your current inventory of phone lines, WAN, internet access, private lines, MPLS, frame relay, SONET, Metro Optical Ethernet, long distance, etc.
  • A CarrierBid professional will shop your services with the relevant providers and provide you with a side by side comparison of your best options.
  • Typically our initial recommendations won’t require physical changes to your network or services to experience savings.
  • If you decide to move forward a CarrierBid Project Manager will monitor the installation of your new services to assure everything occurs when scheduled and without incident.
  • After your service is in and working, CarrierBid will provide you with a single point of contact for all your customer service needs.  You’ll never have to battle with the phone company again.
  • Despite our time investment (an average of 40 hours per project), CarrierBid charges no fees and won’t require a split of your savings.

With CarrierBid telecom consulting, you receive more but you won’t pay more.



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