cogent business phone and internetInternet Service Provider in North America and Europe


Washington DC

Service Area:

160 major markets in 29 countries in North America and Europe


Founded in 1999.  Completed U.S. roll out in 2001, expanded into Canada in 2002, entered Europe in 2004 and Mexico in 2009

Primary Competition:

AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink, TW Telecom


  • Purchased 14 billion dollars of network access for 60 million dollars
  • Wins business based on price
  • Carries 17% of the World’s internet traffic


  • Must be on net to receive best pricing
  • Provides only data services, no voice services available

Product Offerings:

  • Internet Access
  • Ethernet Transport
  • Collocation Services
  • Private Line

What we are not!

What we are NOT!
NOT a Reseller
NOT “Maintaining Your Spend”
NOT Impacted by perpetual carrier Account Manager “Shuffle” (Do you know the names of your last five rep’s?)

Carrierbid is YOUR Master Agent. We give you honest comparisons to help you navigate the shark infested carrier waters. Most CarrierBid employees have previously worked for the carriers directly and have “Insider Information” that is used to your advantage.

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