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CarrierBid has been helping clients overcome their business telecom challenges since 2006. Our portfolio covers a wide range of professional telecommunication services and is supported by a 180+ strong network of best-in-class suppliers. CarrierBid’s business telecom solution broadly covers voice and data communication services, business telephony solutions, and business internet services. Each one of these is designed to ensure that your organization achieved maximum productivity at the least possible cost.

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There is more than one reason why our telecom consulting company is a partner of choice for a number of clients in Alaska. These include our strong supplier network, industry expertise, reliable delivery of services, and efficient process.

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Supplier Network

The CarrierBid Communications team works in the background with over 180 suppliers and service providers. We ensure that our clients get top-notch carrier business services irrespective of their budgetary constraints. These business relationships help us cater to clients spread across Alaska, ensuring optimum client satisfaction.

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Industry Expertise

Having delivered successfully in the most volatile telecom service decades, our experts are equipped to handle even the most complex business telecom requirements. In addition to this, you do not have to reach out to different entities for competitive prices. The CarrierBid team does this for you with the help of our partners.

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Reliable Services

CarrierBid solutions and services are not aligned to any specific product or organization. Therefore, we are ideally placed to provide you with the scalable and reliable services that suit your technical and budgetary requirements. Our team of experts offers free carrier consulting services to help you assess your current and future business telecom needs.


Process Efficiency

Our unbiased opinion, assessment, and recommendations are a core part of our efficient service delivery process. CarrierBid's telecommunication consultants bring an immense knowledge of all aspects of our supplier’s products and services. They are trained in these and can help you decide on the best possible product package for your needs.


Some of our prominent telecom carrier management services in the Business Telecom space include:

Business Internet Access

CarrierBid Communications specializes in a variety of business internet access services. With 180+ supplier network, our telecom consulting firm can ensure that you have a good mix of suitable products to choose from in Alaska. Our services cover DSL, Ethernet, cable internet access, satellite internet access, 5G internet access, T1 lines (including bonded and integrated T1), optical carrier, and DS3.

Multi-protocol Label Switching

MPLS is one of the most sought-after network design technologies among our customers. Our domain experts can help you understand your current network setup and design and implement an MPLS solution that is scalable and efficient. We can also facilitate a smooth carrier migration in case you have an existing network service contract.

Professional Services

Our professional business telecom services cater to organizations of all shapes and sizes in Alaska. We understand the difference in requirements and expectations irrespective of whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise. Our comprehensive telecom consulting services cover in-depth analysis of existing setup and future requirements, RFP preparation, vendor assessment, negotiation, and implementation of project management.

Business Phone Services

At CarrierBid, we understand the importance of internal as well as external phone services for a business’ success. Keeping this in mind we cover a range of teleservices, including POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), VoIP (Voice over IP), Hosted VoIP, PRI (Primary Rate Interface), voice T1, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), audio conferencing, voice mail, etc.

Wireless Bill Audits

CarrierBid’s wireless bill audit service is designed to help our customers reduce their current wireless service expenditure by as much as 45% within 45 days. Moreover, you can achieve this cost-saving without changing your network carrier or your current wireless plan. Our process covers audit, optimization strategy, and implementation of the recommendations.

Cloud Contact Center Software

Our partners include some of the leading cloud contact center software providers in Alaska. Our experts also play an advisory role in helping you identify the appropriate cloud contact center software optimized for your requirements. We take into consideration the number of users, the rate of concurrent call takers, user location, type of calls, etc. to recommend the correct software.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in Alaska. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

Wireless bill auditing services by CarrierBid do not require any expensive investments in hardware or software. In fact, it is a straightforward process in which our team requires only 2-3 hours of the users in order to conduct the audit. Once this is completed, we analyze the data on pre-defined parameters and present our findings along with the recommendations and next steps.

As a packet-forwarding technology, MPLS utilizes labels for making all data forwarding decisions. MPLS is mostly applicable in Traffic Engineering, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Quality of Services (QoS), and AToM or Any Transport over MPLS. Our experts can help you assess the benefits of MPLS for your business communication requirements.

SIP Phones use SIP, which is short for Session Initiation Protocol. These phones are used for making voice calls that are transported using an IP-based network with the help of RTP, or Real-time Transport Protocol, which is another Open Standard like SIP. SIP phones are also popularly clubbed under the VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, category. SIP handsets are typically physical desk phones or hard phones, however, they can also be Software, or app-based SIP phones.

Carrier bid FAQ
improve network security

How to Ensure Cybersecurity for your Business Telecom Services?

Cyber threats pose a genuine danger in today’s technology-dependent corporate environment. Therefore, businesses across the industry must invest in appropriate cybersecurity measures in order to protect themselves and their partners and clients from exposure to such harmful elements. This investment is necessary as a breach can not only cost you money, but it can also ruin your reputation as vendors, partners, and clients may become skeptical about transacting on your network.
At CarrierBid, we offer efficient and optimized business telecom services in Alaska that provide our clients the most competitive rates. These cost savings can then be implemented to strengthen your network and telecom security to keep your systems safe from external hacks. In this manner, you can achieve a high-performance network environment with an ample amount of security pre-built into the setup.

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