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CarrierBid Communications strives to offer all telecom services under one roof for businesses here in Indiana. Our offerings are designed to empower you and help you make informed decisions.

Why Select CarrierBid

Why Select CarrierBid?

Reliable Services

Reliable Services

We have been developing comprehensive telecom solutions to satisfy our clients across Indiana and other states since 2006. Our consistent quality and efficiency are reflected in our ever-expanding list of satisfied clients. At CarrierBid, we also offer free consulting services that help us understand your business requirements and identify gaps in your existing setup, so that we can offer accurate solutions.

Impartial Opinions

Impartial Opinions

We at CarrierBid Communications are not tied to any single telecoms carrier in Indiana. Instead, we work with over 180 telecom suppliers and vendors to provide impartial and balanced proposals that suit your requirements. Our opinions are based upon expert assessments of your business telecom needs and are aimed at helping you derive the maximum benefit from your investments.

Industry Insights

Our 180+ strong industry relationships with some of Indiana’s largest carriers and telecom providers give us a unique insight into the latest and upcoming trends. These relationships enable us to develop suitable solutions for fulfilling your current and future needs. The insights that we bring to the table are gleaned from the of years of experience that our team has gained while working for some of the best telecom carriers.

The CarrierBid Process

Our proven process is centered around an initial study of your business telecom requirements and an assessment of your current operations. As the initial step in the process, it helps us provide accurate recommendations so that you can make informed decisions. For complete transparency, we also sign comprehensive engagement contracts with our clients.

Our Services

At CarrierBid, we pride ourselves on offering the full suite of business telecom services.

Your business is only as robust as your DR strategy. Any disaster, whether natural or man-made, can severely affect your operations and revenue. At CarrierBid, we believe in developing and maintaining an effective disaster recovery plan that forms an essential element of your business telecom strategy. We will help you plan and implement a DR strategy that will ensure network uptime and business continuity.

Nearly all businesses today can function efficiently with an integrated data and voice strategy. Operating one network for both voice and data leads to multi-fold efficiency improvements and helps to cut down costs. We offer integrated voice and data services enabling you to pick and choose from a host of suitable options.

The CarrierBid suite of hosting solutions is suitable for different types of enterprises. Our dedicated hosting portfolio also includes co-location services. We offer a comprehensive managed hosting solution so that your business network and applications achieve high performance.

Since all businesses today have a digital presence, a sound network security strategy is crucial for ensuring business continuity. Without a secure network, your business data and client data are at risk. At CarrierBid, we help you implement a proactive security strategy to protect your business and your clients from security threats.

Seamless voice communication forms the backbone of your company’s operations. At CarrierBid Communications, we cover a wide range of teleservices. These include basic ones like Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS, Voice over IP (VoIP), Hybrid VoIP, Primary Rate Interface (PRI), SIP, audio conferencing, voice T1, voice mail, etc.

The CarrierBid team has experience with some of the best cloud contact center software solutions. Our experts are trained to study your requirements and recommend suitable cloud contact center solutions that fit your requirements. The CarrierBid team considers all relevant metrics like total users, location, concurrent calls, etc. before recommending a solution.


The CarrierBid team’s extensive experience lays a good foundation for creating a strong business telecom strategy for our clients in Indiana. We study and analyze based on facts and industry know-how. Our strategies are aimed at adding value to our client’s telecom setup. Our recommendations are devised to help you improve the efficiency of your business communication. We also incorporate the latest technologies to help your future-proof your network.

A network security breach can impact any business. Without appropriate network security in place, every business is at risk of a cyber-attacks or security breaches. Having adequate network security ensures that your clients and users are protected at all times. We can help you understand your network vulnerabilities and arrive at a robust solution to ensure the safety of your data assets.

The benefits of technology services and consulting far outweigh the initial cost of the investment. A full-solution telecom service agency like CarrierBid Communications can devise strategies for you to get the maximum value out of your technology investments. Plus, our industry relationships allow us to propose an excellent variety of options at attractive prices. Clients typically cannot avail such low prices if they deal directly with the carriers. Moreover, you get the added benefit of our consulting services that are completely free of charge.


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